ABILITY		PENALTY	        INFLUENCES (*Examples of Specializations)
Strength	-		Damage, lifting
Stamina		-		Carrying, Avoid effects of wounds
Stealth		-		Hiding, moving silently
Balance		-		Special maneuvers
Reflexes	-		Defense, Dodge 
Health		-		Avoid Disease
Courage		-		Resist fear
Willpower	-		Resist temptation
Perception	-		Noticing details
Memory		-		Remembering details
Reason		-		Solving puzzles
Brawling	-		Attack, Block
Wrestling	-		Attack, Block, Immobilize
Martial Arts	X*		Attack, Block (Karate, Judo)
Melee Weapons	-		Attack, Parry 
Sword Fighting	-*		Attack, Parry (Long, 2H sword)
Archery		-3		Attack 
Thrown Weapons	-1*		Attack	(Knife, Javelin, Bola)
Running		-		Movement rate
Riding		-3*		Movement rate, special maneuvers (Horse, Griffon)
Climbing	-		Movement rate, special maneuvers, Mountains, Walls
Swimming	-3		Movement rate, special maneuvers, Diving, Hold Breath
Sailing		-3		Movement rate, special maneuvers
Leadership	-1		NPC Reactions
Personality	-		NPC Reactions
Appearance	-		NPC Reactions
Spirit Magic	X		Spells
Priest Magic	X		Spells
Fey Magic	X		Spells
Mental Magic	X		Spells
Elemental Magic	X		Spells
Rune Magic	X		Spells
Death Magic	X		Spells
Alchemy Magic	X		Spells	
Nature Magic	X		Spells	
Divination MagicX		Spells
Illusion Magic 	X		Spells
Force Magic 	X		Spells
Music Magic 	X		Spells
MartialArts MagicX		Spells
Artificer Magic	X		Spells
Healing Magic	X		Spells
Witchcraft MagicX		Spells
Raw Manna	X		Cast two extra levels of spells per day
Medicine	-4		Healing, First Aid, Surgery
History		X		Knowledge
Berserk         X               Damage + X, Defense -X; X = Level; Melee only
Music		-3*		Play Instrument (Drums, Lute, Harp)
Singing		-1		NPC Reactions
Nobility	-*		Increased status, money, power (In one Country)
Languages	X*		(Greek, Egyptian, Aztec)		
Literacy	X*		Knowledge
Luck		-		Reroll one die roll per day per level
Bargaining	-		NPC Reactions
Lockpicking	-4		Find & remove traps
Poisons		X		Apply to weapons, food, drink
Animal Husbandry-2*		Subdue, train (Birds, Horses, Dogs)
Farming		-3		Knowledge
Craftsman	-3*		(Carpentry, Masonry, Smithy, Armorer)
Shipbuilding	-4              Knowledge
Mining		-3              Knowledge
Tactics		-3		Surprise, Positioning
Seduction	-		NPC Reactions
Oration		-		NPC Reactions
Etiquite        -               NPC Reactions
Philosophy	-3		NPC Reactions, Knowledge
Engineering	-3		Knowledge, Mathematics required
Religion	-3*		Knowledge, Indoctrination
Herb Lore	X		Knowledge, Healing, Medicinals
Tracking	-3		Knowledge
Minerology      -4              Knowledge
Mathematics	-1		Knowledge, Literacy required
Plant Lore      -3              Knowledge
Monster Lore    -2              Knowledge
Gambling	-3		Knowledge
Astronomy       -4              Knowledge, Mathematics required
Navigation	-3		Knowledge, Astronomy required
Siegecraft	-3		Knowledge
Science         -2              Research, Mathematics required
Survival	-1*		Knowledge (Arctic, Desert, Jungle)
Diplomacy	-2		NPC Reactions, Knowledge
Streetwise	-2		NPC Reactions, Knowledge
Pick pockets	-3		also plant items
Two-weapon 	-3		Bonus to 2nd attack or parry	
Blind Fighting	-3              Negates penalties
Magic Resistance-               Resist spells
Poison Resistance-              Resist poisons
Acrobatics	-4		Special maneuvers
Appraisal	-4*		Knowledge(Paintings, Sculpture, Jewelry)
Artisan		-3*		(Painter, Sculpturer, Jeweler)
NOTES: The Penalty column indicates the penalty applied to the action
resolution roll if the character has no levels in the ability.
The * symbol indicates that the character must pick a specialization in the ability.
A character can have multiple levels in an ability.
Extra levels increase the chance of succeeding at an activity. 
To determine if an action succeeds consult the Action Resolution Table.


Creation Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Create small objects, Food
2	Banquet, Create large objects, Create Walls, Animate objects
3	Summon Jinn, Create servants
4	Create Buildings, Enlightenment
5       Wishes, Permanency
Notes: Created objects last for only short periods of time.
Practitioners: Wizards, Conjurers

Spirit Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Detect spirits, Talk to spirits, Calm spirits, Chant
2	Defend vs spirits, Call Animal spirits, Ancestors, Binding
3	Command spirits, Banish, Totem spirit, Fetishes (Magic Items), Vodoo doll 
4	Control many spirits, Ghosts, Elemental spirits
5       Control powerful spirits
Notes: Fetishes can take the form of masks, charms, Adornments made from Animal parts, shruken heads, etc.
It takes days to make a totem and the materials will be rare.
Animal spirits and totems confer ability bonuses or guidance.
Practitioners: Shamans, Witchdoctors

Healing Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Heal minor wounds, Midwife magic, Healing Salves, Enhance Herbs, Soothe pain
2	Neutralize poisons, Heal all wounds, Preservation
3	Cure Diseases, Regeneration, Transfer Wound
4	Longevity, Youth, Mass Heal or Cure
5       Resurrection
Practitioners: Healers, Priests, Shamans, Witchdoctors

Priest Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Blessing, Prayer, Conversion, Ceremony, Protection, Oath 
2	Turn undead, Sanctuary, Silence, Resistance, Ordination, Faith Healing 
3	Remove Curses, Dispell, Holy water, Geas, Exorcism
4	Commune, Summon Angel, Absolution, Consecration 
5       Reincarnate, Invulnerability, Healing Rain
Practitioners: Good Priests, Clerics

Witchcraft Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Talismans (Spell store: Potions, Candles, Crystals)
2	Divination, Binding, Evil eye, Scry
3	Familiar, Curses, Hexes, Flying, Banish
4	Summon Demons, Pentagram 
5	Possession, Great Curse
Notes: A Character can only have one Familiar at a time.
Practitioners: Witches, Warlocks, Diabolists

Fey Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Detect Fey, Talk to Fey, Fey Lore, Aura, Stealth
2	Fey Travel, Sleep, Vanish, Shapeshift, Dust(Spell store)
3	Control Fey, Fey Form, Summon Fey
4	Polymorph, Shrink, Enchantment
Notes: Enchantment makes a person, place, or thing magical. 
For example: a bush will produce healing berries; a door will talk.
Practitioners: Enchanters, Druids, Bards

Illusion Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Light, Darkness, Detect Illusions, See Invisible, Mirage, Blur
2	Illusions, Disguise, Mirror Images, Displacement
3	Selective Illusion
4	Invisibility, Phantasmal Killer,
5	Prismatic Rays
Practitioners: Illusionists, Magicians, Sorcerers

Mental Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Empathy, Clairvoyance, Confusion, Fear, Befriend
2	Suggestion, Read mind
3	Mental Blast, Telepathy
4       Insanity
5	Mind control
Practitioners: Mentalists

Force Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Mind over Matter, Levitation, Shield, Trip, Disarm, Push
2	Force Wall, Flight, Alter Gravity, Strength, Reflect Missiles
3	Telekinesis, Force Cage, Dancing weapon, Force Dome, Shatter
4	Teleport, Disintegration
5       Stop Time, Subdimensional space
Practitioners: Wizards

Martial Arts Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Meditation, Leap, Balance, Reflexes, Strength, Resistance, Climb
2	Speed, Multiple Attacks, Wall Running, Dodge
3	Crushing Blow, Levitation
4	Death Blow
5       Distance Strike
Practitioners: Martial Artists

Music Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Taunt, Soothe, Courage, Willpower, Oration, Music, Sadden
2	Berserk, Mesmerize, Seduction, Perfect music
3	Irresistible Dance, Sleep, Lure
4	Charm
5	Laugh to Death
Practitioners: Bards, Spellsingers

Air Magic (Elemental)
Level	Sample Spells
1	Shock, Deflect arrows, Wall of Air, Wind Gusts, Purify
2	Lightning Bolts, Cloud Walk, Calm Weather
3	Tornado, Vacuum, Poison Gasses
4	Air Elemental, Gaseous form
5	Hurricane
Practitioners: Wizards

Fire Magic (Elemental)
Level	Sample Spells
1	Flaming weapon, Leaping flame, Breathe fire, Heat
2	Fire Ball, Wall of Flame, Resist Fire
3	Immolation, Draught
4	Fire elemental
5	Volcanic eruption, Firestorm
Practitioners: Wizards

Earth Magic (Elemental)
Level	Sample Spells
1	Stone skin, Stone feet, Tunnel, Detect gems, Stone to Mud
2	Tremors, Hurl Boulder, Earth meld, Metal skin, Earth wall
3	Petrification, Entomb
4       Earth Elemental
5	Earthquake, Stone rain
Practitioners: Wizards

Water Magic (Elemental)
Level	Sample Spells
1	Rain, Create water or ice, Breathe Water, Resist Cold, Fog 
2	Freezing cold, Ice shards, Storm, Wall of Ice or Water
3	Floods, Blizzards, Whirlpool, Encase in Ice 
4       Water or Ice Elementals
5	Tidal Wave
Practitioners: Wizards

Death Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Disease, Weakness, Pain, Control Undead
2	Paralyze, Animate dead, Blind
3	Mummification, Drain, Wither
4       Death
5	Mass Death, Lich, Summon & Command Demons
Practitioners: Necromancers, Priests

Alchemy Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Poisons, Smoke, Analysis, Purification, Acids, Transmute
2	Potions (Spell store), [Courage, Manna], Incendiary Bombs
3	[Strength, Speed, Breathe water, Healing, Love, Antidote]
4       Research [Resistance to Fire, Cold]
5	[Invulnerability, Invisibility, Shapechange, Sizechange]
Notes: Potions take hours or days to prepare.
Spells in brackets are types of potions.
Potions can also take the forms of elixirs, powders, balms, salves, 
tonics, ointments, resins, serums, oils, perfumes, and other mixtures.
Research allows the alchemist to spell store spells he does not know.
Research takes days or weeks longer, the first time.
Potions cost 50+ gold worth of ingredients per level to produce.
The transmute spell is necessary to prepare some ingredients.
Practitioners: Alchemists, Sorcerers, Witches

Nature Magic 
Level	Sample Spells
1	Talk to animals, Animal senses, Prowess, Bark skin, Tracking
2	Talk to plants, Healing, Poison, Entangle
3	Control or Summon plants or animals, Tree Door
4	Shapeshift, Growth
5       Create plants or animals, Swarms
Practitioners: Druids

Divination Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Fortune Telling, Detection, Dreams, Predict, Intuition
2	Omens, Locate, Analysis, Read Languages
3	Visions, See Past, Scrying pool, Divination Aids (Magic items)
4	Commune
5	Prophecy
Notes: Divination Aids include: Bones, Tarot cards, crystal ball
Practitioners: Astrologers, Seers, Soothsayers, Oracles, Witches

Rune Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	[Ward, Lock, Protection]
2	Rune stone (Spell store), [Attack, Defense, Damage, Armor]
3	[Stun, Pain, Repulsion, Discord, Elemental attack]
4	[Summoning, Blind] 
5	Permanency, [Portal, Death]
Notes: A rune takes hours to carve.
Spells in brackets are types of runes.
A rune's power is exhausted after one use. 
Runes are also called sigils, symbols, and glyphs.
Runes can be carved onto paper, stones, doors, armor, weapons, etc.
The Permanency spell allows the rune to be used once per day.
Practitioners: Wizards, Rune Masters

Wizard Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Unlock, Detect Magic, Cantrips, Energy Bolt
2	Spell shield, Scroll(Spell store), Haste
3	Wizards Eye, Dispell, Slow, Magic items, Familiar
4	Reflect Spell
5	Antimagic
Practitioners: Wizards

Artificer Magic
Level	Sample Spells
1	Toys, Detection Devices, Contraptions, Analysis
2	Weapons, Armor, Magic Items, Repair, Homonculous
3	Defenses, Flying Machines, Elemental siege weapons, Servants, Recharge 
4	Golems, Teleportation Disks
5	Juggernaught, Colossus, Flying Ship, Floating Castle, Expanding
Notes: Artifacts take weeks or months to build.
Artifacts cost 500+ gold in materials per level to construct.
Artifacts, unlike spell stores, are not used up after one use.
They may have permanent bonuses, X charges, or X uses per day.
Practitioners: Artificers, Wizards

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