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Variant proposal by Mike (mirfin)

I happily found your games and have been playing Zulu and I 
have an idea that I have been playing with which is a solo 
Rourkes Drift (RD) variant. Of course it can be played by 2 player I guess
or even from the Zulu perspective.

So what you do is place all the standing defenses-(even add a few more
hospital, mealie/buscuit boxes, stone walls, etc)
...anyway... in a 'square' -
I used 5 standing defense cards to represent the buildings at RD
these represent the defenses at RD.

With the Zulu cards you start say at the '12 o'clock' position 
and place around the British defenses, face down.

Once each of these areas has a card you then flip 'em over.

If one of those cards is an attack card-then this is where the Zulus
launch an then combine the other 3 Zulu cards with 4 others 
from the deck these are placed where the  attack  card appeared.

Then, you as the  Brit player, place any cards you like-or have left (!)
to counter this attack on this selected starts to get tricky
when the Zulus have put down 2 attack cards at different parts of the

I had 5 standing defenses cards representing RD and placed 
2 Zulu attack cards on different defense positions...I then placed the other
3 cards on that area-plus 4 random from the deck then 1 chant, 1 chieftain, 1 warrior...
...450 count for the Zulus...the Brits were pushing it to hang on

There are some cards that would need to be changed maybe for RD-like no cannons-they could
be replaced by 'hand-to-hand,' 'the color sargent,' (from the movie) add a 'stiff-upper-lip' 
card, 'hero' etc.	

Zulu doesn't need changing I don't think, although it's not clear if you
discard the standing defenses or not
after use-we usually leave them on once they placed on the table...could
specify barricades: wagons, oxen, horses (last two dead horses & oxen for 
cover maybe) but thta's for simulating various events at the time- 
specific to individual battles.

Is there room for a Zulu dead card/s-as they did have trouble getting over
the amount of their dead to get to the British in some instances.

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