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Space Empire building, Interstellar conquest. 
Build, maneuver, trade, and fight your way to Galactic supremacy. 
Minimal units and card mechanics make for quick turns.  

For the board use a 10 X 10 grid
Make 100 map chits of the following composition:
4 Homeworlds
20 Worlds
4 Supernovas
4 Black Holes
8 Nebulas
60 Blanks

Each player receives a 'Homeworld' chit. 
Place the other map chits face down randomly on the board, one per space. 
Leave the corners empty. 
Flip the chits over. Remove the blanks.
Each players homeworld is placed in a different corner of the board.
Players randomly determine who places their homeworld first.
If a Homeworld is closed in by Supernovas, Black Holes, and Nebulas then 
remove one of these hazards.

Each player gets a set of chits in a different color.
A set consists of 10 Fleet, 10 Stargate, and 20 colony chits.

Victory goes to the first empire to have colonies on 12 worlds or that 
captures an enemy homeworld.

Each player starts the game with 2 Fleets and one stargate located on 
their Homeworld.
Each player gets dealt 5 cards from the Galaxy Deck.

The deck contains 85 cards:
20	Attack
20	Move
20	Build
20	Trade
5	Research
If during play, the deck is used up, reshuffle the discard pile and continue. 

Players take turns.
The last player to place a Homeworld goes first and so on.
Each turn is divided into 6 phases:
1. Draw
2. Trade
3. Support
4. Build
5. Movement
6. Battle

Retooling: The active player may discard up to 3 cards. Next:
Production: All players draw galaxy cards to fill their hands to maximum 
draw size. (Yes, you read it right, ALL players)
Homeworld Production: The starting max draw size is 5 cards.
Colonial Production: Max draw size is increased by 1 for every 3 colonies 
the player has.

Free Trade: All players may freely trade cards with each other.
External Trade: The active player may discard a Trade card to take a random 
card from an opponent. If the card is also a trade card, both are discarded.
Internal Trade: The active player may discard a Trade card and X other cards 
to draw X +1 cards from the Galaxy deck. This may be done only once per turn.

Active player only.
Defense Spending: Your Homeworld can support 2 Fleets.
Defense Taxes: You may support an additional Fleet for every 2 colonies 
you have.
Military Cutbacks: Unsupported Fleets of the active player are removed 
from the map.
Logistics: A Build card may be discarded to count as a colony for support 

Active player only.
Shipyards: A Build card may be discarded to build a Fleet at your Homeworld.
Colonization: If you have a Fleet present at a world which has no colonies, 
you may discard a Build card to build a colony there.
Stargates: Three Build cards may be discarded to build a Stargate at a colony
Terraforming: Five Build cards may be discarded to Terraform a world on which 
you have a colony. Add an additional colony to the terraformed world.

Active player only.
Armadas: Multiple friendly Fleets in the same space may be stacked together 
as an Armada. (or Starmada)
Free Move: You get one free move. Move one Fleet or Armada one space 
orthogonally (no diagonal moves)
Hazards: Fleets & Armadas cannot enter spaces occupied by hazards: Supernovas, 
Black Holes, and Nebulas.
Spaceflight: A move card may be discarded to move one of your fleets or 
Armadas one space. A Fleet or Armada can move multiple times per turn.
Beam me up: A Fleet or Armada at a stargate may move to any other friendly 
stargate as its move.

Units: Fleets and Colonies are the two types of 'units' in the game.
Battlefield: A battle occurs if opposing units occupy the same space and at 
least one player wants to fight. All units in the space must participate
Resolution: The side with the highest force total wins.
Each unit has a force value = 1.
Homeworlds have a force value = 4.
Attack Cards have a force value = 1.
Players simultaneously reveal the Attack cards they are using. 
(On the count of 3)
This is done once. More Attack cards cannot be added later.
Players may use some, all, or none of the Attack cards in their hands.
Attack cards used are discarded.
Win: The winner suffers no casualties. 
Lose: All units of the losing side are destroyed (including Stargates).
Mutual Destruction: If the totals are tied then all units of both sides 
are destroyed.

A research card can be used like any other type of card. 
Basic Research: Discard a research card in your trade phase to draw 2 cards.

The following rules for spying, diplomacy, retreat, and disaster are
optional, but recommended:

An Attack card may be discarded at any time to look at an opponents hand or 
to look at the next 5 cards in the deck.

A player may discard 2 Trade cards during an opponents move to prevent any 
opposing fleets from moving into a target space occupied by one of that 
players units (or homeworld).

During an opponents move phase, if an opponents fleet enters a space 
containing one of your fleets or armadas, you may discard a move card to move 
your fleet or armada to an adjacent space not containing enemy units. 
The opponent may pursue by discarding his own move cards.

Five Attack cards may be discarded to destroy any fleet, stargate, or colony 
anywhere on the map. This is the result of solar flares, asteroid 
impacts, seismic events, etc. 

Before play starts determine which optional abilities and rules are to be 
used, by whom, and when.
Breakthrough Technology: Discard 1 Research card and 4 build cards. You may 
use one of the optional rules listed here that you could not already use. 
Roll on the sample optional ability randomization table given below.
Uneven Start: Players start the game able to use one optional ability not
useable by the other players. 
Hyper jump: Discard 5 Move cards to move one fleet or Starmada to any 
nonhazard space on the map. 
Defend the Homeworld!: Five Move cards may be discarded to immediately move 
some or all of your fleets back to your Homeworld.
Expansion: Discard 2 Build cards to build a fleet at a colony.
Wormholes: Black holes can be used as one way gates to supernovas. This means 
that these spaces can be entered.
Piracy: Discard 2 Attack cards to make opponent discard a random card.
Planning: Discard 2 Build cards to put the top card of the discard pile into 
your hand. 
Treason: Discard 5 Trade cards to replace an opponents unit with one of 
your own.
Allied Minor Race: Discard 4 Trade cards to build a colony on an empty world 
within 2 spaces of one of your units.
Treaty: Discard 5 Trade cards. You and an opponent cannot attack each other 
for the next 2 turns.
Nebulous Navigation: Discard 2 Move cards to enter a Nebula
Border Raids: Discard an attack card. An enemy colony adjacent to one of 
your fleets cannot be counted on that players next turn in his draw or 
support phases.
Warfleet: Discard 3 Build cards to build a Warfleet at Homeworld. Identical 
to regular fleet except that it generates 2 Force points and cannot build 
colonies. Indicate with a different kind of Chit.
Sabotage: Discard 3 Attack cards to negate a nonbattle action just performed 
by an opponent.

1D10   Ability:
1      Warfleet
2      Nebulous Navigation 
3      Hyper jump or Stargates (If playing with low technology rule)
4      Defend the Homeworld!
5      Wormholes or Expansion
6      Hand size increases +1
7      Planning or Border Raids
8      Treason or Piracy
9      Treaty or Allied Minor race
10     Pick one
Ten sided die required.
If the player rolls one he already has, roll again.

Exploration: The map chits are not set up at the beginning of the game. 
The identity of a space is not revealed (picked randomly from the pile) until 
a Fleet enters it. Discard a trade card for a unit to see into an adjacent 
space. Players cannot trade until their empires adjoin.
To the Death: The game lasts until only one player is left.
Low Technology: Do not use stargates.
Power cards: Draw a star on 4 build, 4 attack, 4 trade, and 4 move cards. 
These are now worth two cards each.

This very cool counter & card set was created by David Ashton:
David has also made counters and cards for Space Insurrection.

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