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Capture opponents King.

Each side has 1 King and 15 pawns.
Pawns must be flat and stackable. Use checker pieces for pawns.

Players take turns moving.
On your turn move yor King, one pawn, or one stack.
Moving onto an opponents stack or pawn captures all of those pawns.
A pawn or stack may move onto a friendly pawn or stack forming a bigger stack.
One pawn may be moved off a stack. It may not capture. 
This is the only way to break up a stack.
A stack may be up to 5 pawns high.
Pawns & Kings move as in normal chess.
A stack of 2 may move as a knight.
You may only have two knights at a time.
A stack of 3 may move as a bishop.
You may only have two bishops at a time.
A stack of 4 may move as a rook. 
You may only have two rooks at a time.
A stack of 5 may move as a queen. 
You may only have one queen at a time.
Pawns that reach the back row may move laterally on the back row 
one space. They may not capture.

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