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The premise of sorcery chess is that the king is also a powerful wizard. 
The rules are that of normal chess plus the following differences. 

Spell Acquisition & Spell Books
At the end of a players turn, that player makes one roll on the Spell 
Table. The player records the spell on a record sheet called the spell book. 

5's the Limit
A player can have no more than 5 spells in their spell book. If by the 
end of the turn the player has acquired more than 5 then that player 
must cross off (forget) spells of his choice until only 5 are left.

Move or Magic
On your turn you may move a chess piece normally or cast a spell. 
Most spell merely modify the way a piece can move. 

Players cannot check or checkmate on a turn they cast a spell.

If a piece is given the power to skip it can jump over pieces like a 
king in checkers. Pieces that are jumped are not captured.

These are not spells. They occur immediately.

These behave like permanent spells. A player may only have 1 of each 
type of artifact.

D100	Spell
01-02	Lordly Standing: Knight moves like a King
03-04	Masonic Secret: Rook moves like a King
05-06	Divine Authority: Bishop moves like a King
07-08	Squires Errand: Pawn moves like a King
09-10	Feebleness: Opponent forgets 2 spells of his choice
11-12	Arcane Study: Roll again Twice on Spell Table
13-14	Counterspell: Negate an opponents spell as it is cast
15-16	Teleport: Move one of your pieces anywhere except capture or check
17-18	Pawn can skip
19-20	Queen can skip
21-22	Rook can skip
23-24	Knight can skip
25-26	Bishop can skip
27-28	King can Skip
29-30	Probability shift: Reroll a diceroll
31-32	Knight Templar: Move knight like bishop
33-34	Holy Ground: Move rook like bishop
35-36	Divine Moment: Move king like bishop
37-38	Monks Deliverance: Move Pawn like Bishop.
39-40	Move bishop like rook
41-42	Move knight like rook
43-44	Move pawn like Rook.
45-46	Kings Highway: Move King like Rook.
47-48	Move Queen like Knight
49-50	Move King like Knight
51-52	Move Rook like Knight
53-54	Move bishop like Knight
55-56	Move pawn like Knight.
57-58	Move Knight like King. No Capturing.
59-60	Move Rook like King.  No Capturing.
61-62	Move Bishop like King.  No Capturing.
63-64	Move pawn like King.  No Capturing.
65-66	Procession: Move Queen twice.  No capturing
67-68	Joust: Move Knight twice.  No capturing
69-70	Pilgrimage: Move bishop twice.  No capturing
71-72	Siege Tower: Move Rook twice.  No capturing
73-74	Forced March: Move Pawn twice.  No capturing
75-76	Master Stroke: Move king twice. No capturing
77-78	Charge: Move 2 pieces this turn one after the other.
79-80	Transferral: Switch locations of two pieces you control.
81-82	Call Defender: Move any one of your pieces to an 
	unoccupied square adjacent to the king
83-84	Knighting Ceremony : Promote any pawn to a Knight
85-86	Opponent forgets one spell of your choice.
87-88	Antimagic: Event. No one can cast spells on their next 	3 turns.
89-90	Steal one of opponents Spells.
91-100	Roll on Wild Magic spell table	

D100	Spell
01	Fey magic: Forget all current Spells and roll for new spells equal 
	to the number you had.
02	The Meek Shall inherit: Event. All pieces move as pawns on both 
	players next 3 turns.
03	Shield: Target piece cannot be captured by pawns on opponents 
	next 3 turns.
04	Invulnerability: Target piece cannot be captured on opponents 
	next turn.
05	Hand of Fate: Cause opponent to reroll a Spell roll immediately 
	after it is made. Cast on Opponents turn.
06	Kings Crown: Artifact. You may have an extra  spell  in your 
07	Hex: Target unoccupied space cannot be moved into or through for 
	both players next 3 turns.
08	Petrify: Target non king piece cannot move or be captured for next 
	3 turns of both players.
09	Plague: Event: Each player must destroy one of their pieces.
10	Eldritch Barrier: Target piece cannot be target of spells for next 
	3 of both players turns.
11	Exchange: Players exchange Spellbooks.
12	Mirror Image: One row or column is reversed this turn.
13	Excommunicate: One of opponents Knights is turned into a pawn.
14	Thief: Steal one of opponents artifacts.
15	Merlins Staff: Artifact: You may change your Spell roll by +1 or -1.
16	Magical Vortex: Event. Both players forget all their spells.
17	Drain: Destroy an artifact
18	Dispel: Destroy a spell that lasts longer than 1 turn
19	Hallucinatory terrain: Shift whole column or row over 1 square 
	distance this turn. Cannot cast if this results in a captures or 
	figures going off board.
20	All the Kings Men: You may move some or all of your pieces this turn.
21	Battle Frenzy: Move 2 pawns this turn.
22	Invisibility: Piece is removed from board. Its moves are recorded on 
	paper in secret. Piece may capture or be captured. Piece may move 
	this turn. Lasts for next 3 of both players turns.
23	Death Spell: Forget 2 Spells and Destroy target non king piece.
24	Mystic Ward: Opponent may not cast spells on his next 3 turns.
25	Barring Ways: Prevents a normal move. Opponent 	must do something 
	else. Cast on opponents turn.
26	Resurrection: One of your captured pieces reenters play on an 
	unoccupied space on your back row.
27	Reverse Time: Undue the last 2 turns. This spell is forgotten. 
	(No time loops)
28	Word of Recall: Send target piece to its original starting square 
	if the space is not occupied.
29	Translocation: Switch places of one of your pieces with opponents 
	piece of same type.
30	Father to Son: Switch places of your king and one of your pieces.
31	Black Magic: Force opponent to cast one of his spells this turn. 
	You choose the target and the spell results.
32	Old Tricks: Event. Regain a spell you previously cast.
33	Major Arcana: Event. Gain any one spell.
34	Possession: Play on opponents turn. Opponent must make a normal 
	move of your choice.
35	Spellbind: Neither player may make a normal move on their next turn.
36	Banish: Destroy target pawn.
37	Hold: Target nonking piece cannot move next turn.
38	Confusion: Switch location of two of opponents pieces.
39	Cursed ground: Mark a box of 4 squares. Any pieces remaining within 
	after opponents next 3 rounds are destroyed.
40	Destiny: Opponent must capture next turn.
41	Tempest: Move any 4 of opponents pieces like kings
42	Chaos: Move six of opponents pieces this turn.
43	Weird: Move any or all of your pieces like kings this turn. No 
44	Mislead: Move an opponents nonking piece twice this turn.
45	Cowardice: Opponent must move a piece backwards twice next turn. 
46	Delude: Move an opponents piece like a king this turn.
47	Turn the tides: Opponent may not move any pieces forward on his 
	next 2 turns.
48	Phase: Move one of your rooks. It may move through 1 figure.
49	Ritual: You may cast this and two other spells this turn.
50	Wrap: Move one of your pieces. It may move off the side of the 
	board and reenter through the opposite side.
51	Morganas Orb: Artifact. Roll for 2 spells and pick one.
52	Kings Scepter: Artifact. You may have an extra  spell in your 
53	Excalibur: Artifact. King may move like a Knight.
54-100	Roll again or create your own spells.

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