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Card and Bookkeeping game.
Explore the mysteries of outer space with your trusty ship and intrepid crew. 

Players draw from a common deck that includes:
Mission, Threat, Mishap, and Aid cards.

Randomly determine and record the 6 systems on your ship.
Randomly determine and record the skills of your 6 crew members.
Your captain has 3 skills. You have two officers with 2 skills each, and 3 specialists with 1 skill each. 
When determining crew skills, you may roll on any of the 3 Skill determination Tables.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 3 phases:
1. Draw Phase
2. Action Phase
3. End Phase

Have the most mission and threat cards in your Completion Pile by 
the end of the game.

Draw one card from the deck. 
The game ends when a player goes to draw a card and there are none left.

You may decide whether to go on a mission or return to Starbase.
If you return to Starbase you may replace any killed Crewmembers and repair any Ship damage.
If you go on a mission, play a mission card onto the table face up.
Your opponent may play a Threat card from his hand. 
If your crew and ship have skills and systems that match those on the threat card, you have 
overcome the threat successfully. 
Place threats you have overcome in a separate Completion pile.
You may also play Aid cards to give your crew and ship extra skills.
Your opponents may play Mishap cards to cause your crew and ship to lose skills.
Aid and mishap cards effect only the current threat or mission. 
Discard Aid and mishap cards as soon as they have been played.
If you do not have the required skills you fail the threat. 
If you fail the threat, discard the threat card and the mission card and 
roll once on the Threat Failure Result Table.
Your opponents may keep playing threats until they run out or you fail one.
You may play threats on yourself.
If you overcome all the threats you may try the mission. 
If you have the required skills, you complete the mission and get to keep the mission card. 
Keep your completed mission cards in your Completion pile.
If you fail the mission discard it. You do not have to roll on the failure table.

Discard cards in excess of 10 cards from your hand.
Scan cards may be played in this phase.

1D6	Skill
1	Integrity
2	Diplomacy
3	Cunning
4	Security
5	Combat
6	Pick
1D6	Skill
1	Physical Science
2	Medical
3	Biology
4	Communications
5	Psychology
6	Pick
1D6	Skill
1	Engineering
2	Computers
3	Astrogation
4-5	Roll on Ship systems table
6	Pick
1D6	System
1	Ship Shields
2	Ship Weapons
3	Ship Speed
4	Computers
5	Astrogation
6	Pick
1D6      Crewmember
1        Captain
2        Officer #1
3        Officer #2
4        Specialist 1#
5	 Specialist 2#
6        Specialist 3#

1D6	Result			Effect
1-2	Ship Damaged		2 random ship systems destroyed
3-4	Mission Delayed		Miss next Turn
5-6	Crewmember Killed	1 Random Crewmember killed (lost, disabled, converted)

Name			Skills Required	
Deliver Vaccine		Medical 
Evacuate Colony		Speed X2
Chart Star Cluster	Astrogation X2
Nebula Gas Samples	Physical Science
Strange New World	Biology & Physical Science
Diplomatic Mission	Diplomacy X2 		
Prisoner Transfer	Security X2
Mediate Dispute		Diplomacy & Communications
Peace Talks		Diplomacy & Integrity
Trade Negotiations	Diplomacy & Cunning
Repair Satellite	Engineering
First Contact		Communication X2
Rescue Mission		Medical, Security, & Engineering
Border Patrol		Ship Shields & Weapons
Intercept Smugglers	Security & Communications
Monitor Primitives	Communication & Psychology
Distress Signal		Communication & Speed
Salvage Space Hulk	Engineering
Reconnaisance Mission   Astrogation & Security
Escort Mission		Ship Speed & Weapons
Assist Refugees		Medical & Psychology
Quarantine Plague Ship	Medical & Weapons
Bug Hunt		Combat & Biology
Apprehend Criminal	Security & Cunning
Espionage Mission	Cunning X2
Survey Mission          Astrogation & Physical Science
Explore Dyson Sphere    Ship Speed & Astrogation
Investigate Alien Ruins Communication & Engineering
Pursue Military Raiders Ship Speed & Weapons
Forbidden Planet        Physical Science & Diplomacy
Investigate Lost Ship   Astrogation & Security
Reestablish Contact     Communication

Threat Name		Skill Test					
Gravitic Anomaly	Physical Science & Astrogation or Speed X2			
Supernova		Shields & Speed						
Blackhole		Speed X2 or Astrogation X2				
Meteor Shower		Shields & Weapons or Astrogation & Speed			
Solar Flare		Shields X2 or Astrogation & Speed				
Worm Hole		Speed X2 or Astrogation X2				
Space Pirates		Weapons & Shields or Security & Combat			
Ancient Defense System	Computers & Communications or Shields X2		
Radiation Leak		Engineering or Physical Sciences & Computers		
Dimensional Rift	Cunning & Astrogation or Cunning & Physical Science	
Paradox			Cunning & 1 random skill						
Enigma			Cunning & Integrity
Time Loop		Cunning
World Eater             Engineering & Physical Science
Hostile Natives		Diplomacy & Communications or Combat & Security
Brain Parasites		Security & Medical
Alien Mind Control	Psychology & Communications
Terrorist		Psychology & Diplomacy or Security & Combat
Drak Battlecruiser	Ship Shields X2 & Weapons X2 or Speed X2
Psychological Experiment Integrity and Psychology
Dream Manifestations	Psychology X2
Alien Shapeshifter	Biology & Cunning
Alien Predator		Security X2 or Combat X2 or Biology X2
Penalcolony Descendants	Cunning & Security
Xeno Infestation	Biology & Security or Medical & Security
Alien Induced Madness	Psychology & Security
Alien Paradise		Integrity & Psychology
Alien Mind Trap		Integrity & Psychology
Alien Collector		Cunning & Psychology
Planetary Volcanism	Physical Science
Alien Slave Traders	Weapons X2 or Cunning & Combat
Exotic Narcotic		Medical & Security
Computer Society	Computers & Psychology
Love Interest		Integrity
Court Martial Trial     Integrity X2
Neutral Zone Trespass	Communications & Diplomacy or Speed X2
Traitor			Integrity & Psychology
Tech Scavengers		Combat & Communications
Duel to the Death	Combat X2 or Cunning X2
Cookbook for Man	Communications & Cunning
Terraforming Disaster   Physical Science & Biology
Alien Possession	Psychology & Medical
Mad Scientist		Cunning & Engineering
The Edge of the Universe  Speed X2
Bored Gods		Integrity X2 or Cunning X2 or Psychology X2
Hostage situation	Security X2
Hedonist Society	Integrity & Security
Rogue Android		Computer & Engineering
Deadly Computer Virus	Computer X2
Murder Trial		Integrity & Cunning or Diplomacy X2
Stowaway		Security
Space Gypsies		Cunning & Diplomacy
Rebel Saboteur		Security & Engineering
Assassin 		Security & Combat
Criminal Mastermind	Security & Cunning
Disturb Cosmic Entity	Diplomacy X2
Accelerated Aging	Medical X2
Power Core Meltdown	Engineering X2 
Cyborg Menace		Computers & Cunning 
Fungal Spores           Medical & Biology
Nanotech Swarm          Computers & Engineering
Naked Singularity       Physical Science & Astrogation
Event Horizon           Cunning & Astrogation
Evil Duplicate          Combat & Psychology
Brainwashing Machine    Psychology & Engineering
Religous Fanatics       Diplomacy & Combat
Nemesis                 Cunning & Psychology
Transhuman Veteran      Cunning & Combat
Shipwreck Survivors     Security & Medical
Hostage Situation       Security & Psychology or Security & Diplomacy
Abduction               Communication & Security
De-evolution            Biology X2 or Medical & Biology
Hologram                Computers 
Teleportation Accident  Engineering & Medical
Exponential Growth      Biology & Engineering
Asteroid Field          Astrogation & Ship Shields
Test of Honor           Integrity & Combat

Card Name		Skill or Ability
Medikit			Medical
Antidote                Medical
Anti-Matter Torpedo	Ship Weapons
Navigation Beacon	Astrogation
Star Charts             Astrogation
The Slingshot Effect	Ship Speed
Special Maneuver        Ship Speed
Frequency Modulation	Ship Shields
Reboot			Computer
The Right Tool		Engineering
Convincing Bluff	Diplomacy
Brilliant Oration       Diplomacy
Outwit          	Cunning
Logic                   Cunning
Inspiration             Cunning
Linguistics		Communications
Alien Warning Buoy      Communications
Labkit			Biology
Psychometrics Analysis	Psychology
Psych Profiles          Psychology
Poignant Revelation     Psychology
Continuous Wave Laser	Combat
Surprise Attack         Combat
Instincts               Combat
Life Form Scan		Security
Codebreaker             Security	
Red Alert               Security
Experimental Data	Physical Science
Rules of Engagement	Integrity
Humanity                Integrity
Passive Scan		Look at next 10 cards in deck
Active Scan		Look at opponents hand
Time Travel             Cunning & Security

Card Name		Skill Lost
Gullibility             Cunning
Weapons are Useless     Ship Weapons
Hesitate                Combat
Computer Bug            Computers
Give in to Temptation   Integrity
Lax Security            Security
Arrogance               Diplomacy
Malfunction             Engineering
Mathematical Error      Astrogation
Unknown to Science      Physical Science
Medical Error           Medical
Xenophobia              Communication
Alien Power Drain       Ship Shields

Only keep Aid cards in your hand.
You must face missions and threats as you draw them.
You may only go to Starbase in End phase after you have failed a mission. 
Mishap cards apply to the next drawn mission or threat, then discard the Mishap.

After completing a mission roll 1D6. On a roll of 1-2 one random crewmember
gains one random skill.

You may want to name and draw pictures of your ship & crew members before play starts.

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