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Dear Lloyd,

In addition to the ensuing material I've completed an optional character
creation system, almost finished a task resolution mechanic, puttered
with an alternative damage rule, and have entertained formal campaign
settings.  I have also discovered that SHSF is very easily adapted to
the fantasy rpg genre-perhaps my next project.  I really don't know when
my own website will be erected (it is somewhat contingent as to whether
or not I will be upgrading my WebTV), so if you wish to post any of this
material as an adjunct to SHSF feel free to do so.  As soon as the next
batch is ready I'll send it off.


Hero Generation

Add this sentence:  "For all characters (henceforth, unless otherwise
specified, this term always refers to both player and non-player
characters) double their Speed Trait and triple the range of ordinary
and special attacks (except for, and any specific attacks involving, the
detection of hidden characters)."


Add this sentence:  "All hand-to-hand combat must occur in the same


Add the following to the first sentence:  "...and/or vertical and
horizontal movement."


Add this sentence:  Use these rules for ambushes, night-fighting, and
for combat in built-up areas."

Read Minds

Add the following to the first sentence:  "...; a character can
establish silent communication with any friendly character within


After the word "Desolidification" add the phrase "Astral Travel".

Power Points

In the last sentence, the word "character" is substituted for the word

Determine Initiative

In the first sentence, the word "character" is substituted for the word
"team".  Thus each character, independently of their team, rolls for
their own initiative.  In the case of ties, the character with the
highest Speed Trait goes first.

Movement Phase

The following clarifies the second sentence: "Characters can attempt to
detect hidden characters either before or after their movement."  The
following replaces the third sentence: "The density of the occupation of
a space is dependent upon its representative size, e.g., a space
representing five square feet can hold up to two characters on foot and
one airborne character; a space representing ten square feet can hold up
to four characters on foot and two airborne ones, etc."

Attack Phase

The following refinements are added to the fifth sentence: "...; wounded
characters at the beginning of their first movement phase during every
subsequent turn (unless they have been rendered unconscious or killed)
must roll on the "Weakened" subtable of the "Random Special Ability
Table", furthermore, wounded characters can only move during the second
movement phase."

And really, although it can use a point creation system, and needs a
mechanism for resolving skill-oriented tasks, it was just that simple to
convert SHSF into a fast, versatile, and enjoyable rpg-you baked the
cake, I just smeared some frosting on it.  I've played two superhero and
one fantasy campaigns with it so I know it works.



The Selective Creation Rule

In order to produce a deliberated character, players may avail
themselves of this simple generation method.  A player is given 10
Construction Points with which to buy their Powers and/or Special
Abilities.  Each improvement of a Trait or the acquisition of another
Power or Special Ability costs one CP.


Add thusly this new Trait to the list: Wherewithal = 1.  Wherewithal
represents such traditional characteristics and proficiencies as
intuition, intelligence, experience, education, talents and skills.  If
a player chooses to use The Selective Creation Rule, he or she may raise
the level(s) of Wherewithal by applying one or more Construction Points
to that end.  However, if one prefers the original Hero Generaltion
method, merely implement the following amendment: if the player has
rolled a 9 on the Superhero Powers Table, then he or she rolls their
1D10 again-on a 1 through 5 the character is assigned a Power Point and
on a 5-10 the character's Wherewithal is increased by one.  For every
level the player rolls 1D6, the sum reveals the number of Wherewithal
Points that can be expended on behalf of the character during one 'game
day'.  Whenever, in the course of a 'game day', the Game Master decides
to challenge a character with an extraordinary or daunting task (such as
hitting a grand slam, pulling a plane out of a tail-spin, or performing
brain surgery with cutlery) the following procedure (one which parallels
combat) is undertaken: 

1.  After the GM has assigned to the player the task which his or her
character must accomplish (or the player describes to the GM a goal that
he or she wants their character to attain), the player rolls a 1D10.  

2.  To this result, the player adds as many Wherewithal Points as he or
she can or wishes to consume (players, with the Game Master's consent,
may combine their Wherewithal Points), and the GM subtracts a number
between 1-10, this simulates the intensity of the difficulty incumbent
upon the character(s) to overcome-be fair!  

3.  One a result of 6+ the attempt succeeds.   In the case of
exceptionally trying, hazardous, or complex tasks, the GM may require
multiple successes.


Dear Lloyd,

Here are some odds and ends for Superhero Slugfest.

I'm in the process of editing Swords & Sorcery Slugfest.  Today I
eliminated Necromantic Control and Summoning and Binding.  What I so
enjoy about the basic ShSf is its improvisational versatility, and I am
very wary of over-elaborating upon it.  I hope to send SSS to you in the
next few weeks.  I am also working on Emporex Deluxe (the original
Emporex).  It will contain four parts:  1. Soldiers of the 5th Sector
(based on Superhero Slugfest, of course).  2. Adding Fleets.  3. Rules
for Spaceship Construction and Combat.  4.  A scenario "Rampage of the
Lizard Legions!"
Until then, my best regards,
Michael Callahan

Further Revisions

Replace the word "Target" with the word "Target(s)".  Add this sentence:
"Range=the space the attacking character is occupying; everyone else in
that space is potentially affected.

Substitution: 1-2 Speed

After the phrase "Mind Trap" and the phrase "Intensify Gravity" and the
word "Encase".

In the first sentence, the word "turn" is substituted for the word

Size Change Shrink
Add this sentence: "A diminutive character can still use Special Attacks
as well as Distraction and Fear.

More Optional Rules

Expanded Random Special Ability Table

21-25 Domination
           1-2 Animal Control  On a roll of 1-4 on a D6 the character
can control any one mammal, reptile, or bird within range.  As an
action, on a roll of 1-5 on a D6 the control can be sustained in the
following turn(s).  Range=2
           3-4 Mind Control  As previously written (although, replace
the word "target" with the phrase "human or humanoid").
           5-6 Plant Control  On a roll of 1-4 on a D6 the character can
control the bushes and/or trees of the target space; any one within this
area must immediately (and for each successive turn that control is
maintained) roll as if one was affected by "Knockdown").  As an action,
on a roll of 1-5 on a D6 the control can be sustained in the following
turn(s).  Range=2

Power Points 
In the first sentence the phrase "game day" is substituted for the word
"battle".  Like Wherewithal, Power Points are recovered 'overnight'.


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