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Card game version of Emporex.
Opposing Noble Houses vie for domination in this quadrant of space.

Determine turn order by coin flips.
Shuffle the common deck.
Each player starts with 3 Sector Tokens.
Each player draws 10 cards.

The first player to accumulate 6 Sector Tokens is the winner.
Players who lose all their tokens are eliminated.

Players alternate turns. 
The player whose turn it is, is called the active player.
A turn consists of the following 3 phases:
1. Draw Phase
2. Attack Phase
3. Discard Phase

Draw 4 cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard pile, and continue play.

The active player is the attacker.
The active player may choose not to attack or to attack one target player.
Attacker chooses attack mode: Military (M), Political (P), or Economic (E)
Players take turns playing cards face down, starting with attacker.
Cards played must have a value matching the selected mode of attack, or
must affect other target cards in some way.
In a multiplayer game, other players may play cards in support of the attacker 
or the defender at their invitation.
Cards are played until neither player wants to play any more cards.
The winner is the player with the highest total value in the selected attack mode.
Only cards in play (not discarded) count towards the total values.
In case of a tie the defender wins.
All cards played are discarded.
If the Attacker wins he takes one Sector Token from the defender.
If the Defender wins, no tokens are exchanged.

Maximum hand size is 10 cards. Discard excess cards.

Only the defender can use a World card, and only one.
Defender cards can only be used by the defender.
A card with the transport trait may be played to initiate an extra 
attack phase that is a military attack. The card is part of the attack.

A card with the intrigue trait may be played to initiate an extra 
attack phase that is a political attack. The card is part of the attack.

Opponent discards 2 cards.
The card conducting the sabotage is also immediately discarded.

Target male persona is discarded.
The card conducting the seduction is also immediately discarded.

Target persona is discarded.
The card conducting the assassination is also immediately discarded.

You can only play a psypower card if one of your cards already in play has
the trait of psychic.
Psypower cards remain even if the card used to bring them out is discarded.

If both players have a Duelist in play, then they will duel.
Flip a coin, the losing duelist is discarded.
If one player has more than one Duelist present, he may select which one duels.

Imperial Army			5M		Army
General Khor			3M		Persona/ Duelist/ All your Army cards +2M
Sisteria			9P		Organization/ Psychic/ Intrigue
Mistress Diva			7P		Persona/ Psychic/ All your persona +1P/ Sisteria
Emporex			        12P		Persona/ Psychic
Emperors Daughter		8P		Persona/ Seduction
Mercenary Guild			5E		Organization/ Take control of target Army
Assassins Guild			4E		Organization/ Assassination
Weapon Merchants		5M/7E		Organization/All your cards +1M
Imperial Navy			9M		Army/ Transport
Spacing Guild			9P/10E		Organization/ Transport/ Intrigue
Guild Master Nosovo		8P		Persona/ Psychic/Discard to negate an event
Church of Mankind		11P		Organization/ Psychic
Technopope			10P		Persona/ Psychic/Take control of target Church card
Mercantile Consortium		8E		Organization/All your cards +1E
Brotherhood of Machines		8P		Organization/ Look at opponents hand		
Galactic Inquisition		8P		Organization/ Assassination/ Church
Inquisitor Travis		7P		Persona/ Assassination/ Church
Black Market			7E		Organization/ Discard X cards to draw X cards
Crime Lord			6E		Persona/ Duelist/ Sabotage
Imperial Secret Police		4P		Organization/ Assassination
Baron Gurati			7M/5P		Persona/ Duelist/ Intrigue
Duke Lortran			6M/7P		Persona/ Duelist
Countess Kadesh			6P		Persona/ Duelist/ Seduction
Lord Nitrix			5P/4E		Persona/ Duelist/ Psychic
House Prodigy			3M/5P		Persona/ Duelist/ Psychic
House Lesser Son		4E/4M		Persona/ Duelist
House Prince			4M		Persona/ Duelist/ Intrigue
Computus Android Advisor	4E/2M/2P	Persona/ All your cards +1P
Sector Governor			4E/2M		Persona/One of your World cards +4E
House Diplomat			8P		Persona
House Agent			3P		Persona/ Assassination
House Duel Master		4M		Persona/ Duelist/ Play to replace target Duelist
House Bodyguard		        ---		Persona/ Negate Assassination
House Mentalist			2P/4M		Persona/ Psychic
House Consort			---		Persona/ Seduction
House Daughter			4P		Persona/ Duelist/ Seduction
Imperial Concubine		3P		Persona/ Seduction
House Spy			---		Persona/ Look at opponents hand
Imperial Senate			7P/8E		Organization/ Your Imperial Cards +2P
Senator Vahn			7P		Persona/ +1P per Opposing Card/ Intrigue
Elders of Pyreen		4P		Organization/ Psychic
Colonial Council		6P/7E		Organization/Your World cards +2E
Colonial Lobbyist		4P/2E		Persona
5th Sector Rebels		4M/5P		Army/ Sabotage/Transport
Rebel Leader			5M/6P		Persona/ Duelist/Your Rebel cards get +2M/+2P
Surgeons of Silex		7E		Organization/Take a persona from the discard
Paswa Silexian Demagogue	P7		Persona/ Duelist/Assassination
Discordian Heretics		3M/6P		Army/ +2M and +2P vs Church cards
Imperial Beaurocracy		5P		Organization/ Sabotage
Imperial Aristocracy		5M/8P/6E	Organization/ Intrigue
House Troops			4M		Army/ +2M When Defending
Psychic Veterans		6M		Army/ +6M vs Psychic opponent
Anthrosynthetic Berserkers	7M		Army/ +5M When Attacking
Cyborg Commandos		4M		Army/ Assassination/Sabotage
Fanatics			2M/3P		Army/ +1M per opposing card
Warrior Priests			5M/6P 		Army/ Psychic
Suicide Squads			3M		Army/ +7M When Attacking
Desert Warriors			5M		Army/ +3M When Defending
Ice Barbarians			3M		Army/ +5M When Defending
Jungle Fighters			1M		Army/ +7M When Defending
Prisoner Soldiers		1M/3E		Army/ +1M per card you discard
Subterranean Mutants		4 M		Army/ Psychic
Solar Templars			7M/5P		Army/ Psychic
Feral Amazonians		5M		Army/ Seduction	
Computus Robot Death Machines	7M		Army
Clone Soldiers			1M/4E		Army/ +1M per card in your hand	
Colonial Rangers		7M		Army/ Transport
Colonial Legionnaires 		5M		Army/ Draw 1 card
Imperial Shock Troops		6M		Army/ +4 When Attacking
Imperial Centurions		6M/3P		Army/ +3 When Defending
Imperial Death Squads		4M		Army/ Assassination
Imperial Conscripts		1M		Army/ +4 when Defending
Rimspace Pirates		4M/5E		Army/ Transport
Discordian Heretics		2M/5P		Army
Fringe World Partisans		3M/3P		Army/ +4 When Defending
Transhuman Supersoldiers	10M		Army/ Flip coin. If you lose they switch sides
Off World Mercenaries		6M		Army/ +2M per card you discard
Rebel Freedom Fighters		4M/4P		Army/ Sabotage/ +2M vs  Imperial cards
Sea Monsters			8M		Army/ Defenders/ +4M if you play a World card
Miners 				2M/6E		Defenders/ +3E if you play a World card
Psychic Natives			2M		Army/ Psychic/ Defenders
Lava Projectors			10M		Army/ Defenders
Stellar Pilgrims		6P		Organization/ +2P per card you discard
Space Traders			6E		Organization/ +2E per card you discard
Homeworld			10E/12M/8P	
Quayat - Desert World		10M/3E		
Parallax- Industrial World	10E		
Mercurium- Mining World	        8E		
Sanctuary- Ice World		8M/2E		Discard: put 1 of your persona in play into your hand
Computus- Machine World	        9E/6P		Look at top 3 cards of deck
Bolavor -Jungle World		5E/4M		
Aquara-Ocean World		4E/3M		
Punah-Pleasure World		7E		Seduction
Griddox-Prison World		2E		
Yoravar-Shipyard World		12E		Transport
Fah- Living World		12M/4E		Psychic
Zenceti-Alien Ruins World	4P/3E		Psychic
Eden-Church World		10P/8E		Intrigue
Mox-Gem World			11E		
Hellish-Radioactive World	6M/4E		
Dalton-Research World		7E		Discard to draw 2 cards
Bazarium-Commerce World	        10E		
Seedeen-Hive World		9E		
Pyreen-Pacifist World		6P/3E			
Scorch-Volcanic World		4M/2E		
Marx-Clone World		8E		
Probability Shift		---		Psypower/ Discard X cards & draw X cards
FuturePast			---		Psypower/ Search discard for 1 card
Time expansion			---		Psypower/ Take another turn
Dimensional Rift		---		Psypower/ Opponents discards 3 cards
Time Contraction		---		Psypower/ Skip this phase
Teleportation			5M		Psypower/ Transport
Precognition 			---		Psypower/ Look at next 7 cards
Cosmic Transference		---		Psypower/ Take 2 random cards from opponent
Molecular Disruption		9M		Psypower/
Mind Slave			---		Psypower/ Take control of target personality
Psychic Persuasion		10P		Psypower/ 
Clairvoyance			---		Psypower/ Look at opponents Hand
Telekinetic Maelstrom		---		Psypower/ Negate target Army
Domination			---		Psypower/ Take control of target army
Sympathetic Convergence		---		Psypower/ Search deck for 1 card
Imperial Veto			7P		Event
Armageddon Virus		---		Event/ All players discard their hands
Planetary Revolt		---		Event/ Take control of target World
Betrayal			---		Event/ Take control of target organization
Infiltration			---		Event/ Negate target Organization
Progenitor Artifact		---		Event/ Psychic & draw 2 cards
Traitor				---		Event/ Take control of target persona
Pax Imperia			---		Event/ No Military Attacks next 2 turns
Psychic Nexus			---		Event/ No Psypowers next 3 turns
Planetbuster			-10P		Event/ Negate target World/ 

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