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Sci-Fi Card Game. Two Players.

The Rebel and Imperial players have their own unique decks of 65 cards.

Reduce your opponents deck to 0 cards.

Each player draws 5 cards from their own deck.

Players take turns.
The Rebel player goes first.
Each turn has 4 phases:
Draw Phase
Activation Phase
Attack Phase
Deploy Phase
End Phase

Draw 1 or 2 cards from your deck.
If you have no cards left in your deck, you lose.

Move all your units in your Inactive Zone into your Active Zone.

Declare whether or not you are attacking.
If you are not attacking skip this phase.
You may attack with some or all of your units.
Units include Heroes, ground units, and space units.
Units may be combined into battle groups.
Battle groups contain one or more units.
Battle groups are of 2 kinds: Ground groups, and space groups.
A ground battle group may consist of ground units and heroes.
A space battle group consists of space units.
Some space units are fighters, others are ships.
For each Fighter one Pilot hero may also attack in the same space battle group. 
For each Ship one Captain hero may also attack in the same space battle group.
Items and companions attached to heroes.
Active defenders units may block attacking units.  Inactive units cannot block.
The above rules also apply to how the defender can form defending battle groups.
The defending player may let attackers through, or block attacking battle groups.
Only ground units can block ground units. Only space units can block space units. 
The exception: The rebel ion cannon and shields are ground units that affect attacking ships.
Attacking unblocked units do damage equal to the damage ratings of the attacking cards.
For each point of damage that gets through, one card from the top of the defenders deck is discarded.
If blocked, compare the battle value of the attacking group and the defending group that blocked it.
The battle values are the ground ratings in a ground attack, or space ratings in a space attack.
The side with the lowest battle value is destroyed and discarded. 
The winning side always keeps at least one surviving unit but loses extra units with 
a combined value up to the battle value of the losing side. The loser picks which of the 
winners units are destroyed. Heroes must be picked last.
For example: An attacking ground rebel group has the Princess (3), two soldiers (1,1), a 
cycle (2), and a speeder (3). The defending imperial group is a Battle-Walker (4). 
The Walker is destroyed. The Imperial player chooses whether the rebel loses a speeder and
a soldier, or the cycle and both soldiers.
Attacking cards are inactivated.
If unblocked, attacking units, instead of doing damage to the deck, may target an 
opposing unit in play, which must block. Space units can only target space units. Ground units may
target ground units, or heroes. 

You may deploy 3 points worth of cards.
Notice that all units have a cost of 1 to 3 points.
Points cannot be saved from turn to turn.
Deployed units are placed face up on the table in front of the controlling player.
Units are placed into the player's Inactive Zone.
Items and companions when deployed must be attached to a hero.
Units stay in play until destroyed in battle or by some card action.

If you have more than 12 cards in your hand, discard the excess cards.
Convert and Treason cards are played in end phase.
Shuttle and Cybernetic cards are played in end phase.
Recruit and Medi-bot cards are played in end phase.
Saboteur and Spy cards are played in end phase.
Surprise attack, Multiple targets, and Trap cards are played in attack phase.

Psion cards are played during battles to increase battle or damage ratings.
They are attached to heroes with the Psionic attribute. They are discarded at the end of the battle.

Card Name               Type    #       Grnd    Space   Dam     Cost    Notes
Young Protagonist       Hero    1       7       7       2       3       Pilot, Psionic
Princess                Hero    1       3       3       2       3       Captain 
Smuggler                Hero    1       4       6       2       3       Pilot, Captain
Robot Sidekick          Comp    1       1       1       1       1       Companion       
Alien Companion         Comp    1       2       2       0       2       Companion               
Laser Sword             Item    1       3       0       0       1       Attach to Hero  
Wise Mentor             Hero    1       5       0       2       3       Psionic 
Rebel Commander         Hero    1       4       4       2       3       Captain 
Superior Pilot          Hero    1       0       5       1       3       Pilot   
Rebel Soldier           Ground  10      1       0       1       1
Grav Cycles             Ground  8       2       0       1       1
Air Speeders            Ground  6       3       0       1       2
Rebel Base              Ground  1       1       0       0       2       Draw 1 extra card per turn
Ion Cannon              Ground  1       1       0       0       3       Facility; Defense; Destroy 1 attacking Ship
Defense Shields         Ground  4       1       0       0       2       Facility; Defense; Attacking Ships do no Damage
Stunt Fighters          Space   15      0       3       1       1       Fighter
Fighter Bombers         Space   4       0       1       2       1
Converted Freighter     Space   1       0       5       1       2       Ship
Rebel Warship           Space   5       0       7       1       3       Ship
Danger Sense            Psi     1       2       1       0       -
True Aim                Psi     1       0       3       0       -
Medi-Bot                Act     1       Take any Hero from your discard and put it in your hand 
Recruit                 Act     1       Take any Hero from your deck and put it in your hand
Convert                 State   1       Take control of opposing Hero for rest of game
Surprise Attack         Act     4       All attacking units get Ground or Space +2
Multiple Targets        Act     1       Rebels get an extra Attack Phase
Rebel Spies             Act     2       Look at opponents hand

Card Name               Type    #       Ground  Space   Damage  Cost    Notes
Mysterious Emperor      Hero    1       7       7       2       3       Captain, Psionic, Draw 1 extra card per turn
Emperors Henchman       Hero    1       8       6       2       3       Pilot, Captain, Psionic
Imperial Commodore      Hero    1       1       5       2       3       Captain
Imperial Captain        Hero    1       0       4       1       2       Captain
Bounty Hunter           Hero    1       6       4       1       3       Pilot
Alien Crime Boss        Hero    1       5       2       2       3       Captain 
Squad Leader            Ground  1       3       0       1       2
Elite Bodyguards        Compan  2       3       0       0       2       Companion
Assault Troopers        Ground  3       2       0       1       1
Troopers                Ground  10      1       0       1       1
Fixed Defenses          G/S     4       4       2       0       2       Facility; Defense       
Battle Walkers          Ground  4       5       0       1       2
Plasma Sword            Item    1       3       0       0       1       
Robotic Probe           G/S     3       2       2       1       2                       
Elite Interceptors      Space   4       0       4       1       2       Fighter
Interceptors            Space   10      0       2       1       1
Bombers                 Space   3       0       1       2       1
Space Cruiser           Space   5       0       10      1       3       Ship
Giant Space Station     Space   1       0       12      3       3       Facility; May Attack
Telekinetics            Psi     1       3       0       0       -
ESP                     Psi     1       0       0       3       -
Imperial Spy            Act     2       Look at opponents hand
Traitor                 State   1       Take control of opposing Hero for rest of game
Shuttle                 Act     1       Take any Hero from your deck and put it in your hand    
Cybernetics             Act     1       Take any Hero from your discard and put it in your hand 
Saboteur                Act     1       Destroy one opposing facility           
Trap                    Act     2       All defending units get Ground  or  Space +2
Not to be confused with any existing properties.

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