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Rockets & Rayguns

Will Flash rescue Dale or will they go down in flames aboard the 
Imperial Flagship. Find out in next weeks cliff hanger. Strap on 
your jetpack and get ready for some high flying adventure. 

Imperial Units		        Fly	Leg	Range	ToHit	HTH	Save	Notes	
6 Gun Turrets			-	-	20	3	-	-	Part of Map, not chits
15 Rocket Crew			-	1	-	-	1	-
6 Imperial marines		-	1	12	3	3	2	
6 Android guards		-	1	10	2	2	-
2 Beastmen soldiers		-	2	-	-	4	-
Commodore Morgo			-	2	4	3	3	2
Swordmaster Koros		-	2	-	-	5	3
Rebel units									
20 Hawkmen			6	1	8	2	2	-
Hawkman Chieftan Jarvis		7	1	-	-	5	3
Human Hero Flash		-	3	5	4	5	4
Heroine Dale (Prisoner)		-	3	-	-	2	4	
10 Forest Archers on Gliders	4	2	4	4	2	-
Forest Chieftan Brosick		5	3	6	5	3	3		
Rocket Scooter			8	-	-	-	-	-
10 Bombs			-	-	-	-	-	-
Battle Map
This is an ariel battle, but it is played in two dimmensions on a 
hex or grid map. Terrain features include clouds. All units are 
represented by counters on the map. In the center of the map is 
Imperial War Rocket Ajax. Sky hexes should extend 20 spaces from the 
edge of the rocket.

War Rocket Ajax
When designing the floorplans of Ajax include 2 gun turrets on the 
port side, 2 starboard, 1 forward, and 1 aft.  Each turret has its 
own crew unit to man it. Other rooms should include the engine room, 
the control room, crew quaters, storage, the brig, and passageways. 
Around the outside of the rocket there should be a catwalk. Include 
plenty of doors for access to the catwalk. 

Rebel Setup
The Rebel player places his units on the edge of the map. Each side 
of the map must contain at least 7 units. 

Imperial Setup
Each gun turret must contain 1 crew unit. Morgo must occupy the 
control room with 1 crew. Put 1 crew in the engine room. All other 
units can be put anywhere on board. Dale is kept in the Brig. 

Stacking Units
One unit per space. The exception is when a unit is being carried. A 
rebel flying unit may carry Flash or Dale but cannot attack while 
doing so.  The rebel unit carrying Flash or Dale gets save=4.

Units in the sky use their Fly stat for their  movement rate. Units 
onboard the Rocket use their Leg stat for their movement rate.

Hand to Hand
These attacks are made by units against adjacent units. Both 
combatants roll dice equal to their HTH value. The unit with the 
lower total is destroyed. 

Ranged Attacks
The range stat is the distance in hexes the weapons will reach. Roll 
1D6. If this is equal to or less than the to hit stat the target has 
been hit and killed. The Imperials use heavy energy beam weapons. 
The hawkmen carry lighter versions with less range. The Forest 
Rebels use bows that fire arrows with explosive tips. The archers 
have the least range but are the most accurate. Morgo and Flash have 
energy pistols

Some powerful or heroic units get saves. If they are killed by an 
attack roll 1D6. If the roll is equal to or less than the save stat 
the unit survives unharmed. 

Ranged attacks cannot fire into, out of, or through clouds. Units 
can move into, out of, or through clouds at no penalty. 

The Catwalk & Turrets
Units inside the hull of the rocket cannot attack or be attacked by 
those outside. Units on the catwalk can attack or be attacked by 
other flyers. Units on the catwalks have some cover, they get an 
extra save=2 when hit by ranged attacks from other flyers. Units 
manning the turret guns get save=4 when hit by ranged attacks from 
other flyers. The turret guns can only attack in a 90 degree arc.

One rebel unit can carry one bomb. Instead of attacking, a unit may 
detonate a bomb in an unoccupied adjacent space, wall, or door. 
Bombs can be used to destroy doors or blow open walls. If detonated 
in the control room or the engine room the rocket will crash at the 
end of 4 turns, killing all on board.  Bombs can be used to destroy 
an adjacent turret and any crew inside.

Rescuing Dale
Dale cannot be attacked while in the brig. She cannot be moved by 
the Imperial player. She cannot leave the brig until someone opens 
the door from the outside or a bomb is used to demolish a cell wall.

Jet Scooter
The scooter can carry 2 units. It starts the game with Flash. It can 
land on the catwalk. It cannot be destroyed, but it can be stolen by 
imperial units.

Rebel Victory Conditions
Rebels lose 10 points for each rebel hero killed. They get 10 points 
for Dale if she escapes. They get 10 points for destroying the Rocket. 

Imperial Victory Conditions
Imperials get 10 points for each rebel hero killed except Dale. They 
get 10 points for Dale if she remains prisoner. They lose 10 points 
if the rocket is destroyed.

Turn Sequence
1. Rebels Move
2. Rebels Attack
3. Imperials Move
4. Imperials Attack

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