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Roleplaying campaign set on an alternate Earth. 
Magic exists in many forms. Pantheons of Gods walk the land. 
Pangea, the super-continent, never fully broke apart. 
In some areas Dinosaurs still exist and have evolved into many new forms. 
Sub-races of humans and other non-human intelligent races exist. 
Civilizations that were separated by time & space on our 
own earth live side by side on Primea.

Simple, versatile skill based system. 
Task Resolution: Skill vs Target number.
This system is just bare bones at this point.
To be useful, players will have to expand on the rules.
Historically based cultures provide familiar archetypes from which to start.

1. Determine Culture/Race (Roll or Choose).
2. Determine Sex, Name, Appearance, Profession.
3. Each character starts with 2D6 (or 3D6) Experience Points (xps).
4. Assign Experience Points to buy Abilities.
5. Create personal history, motivations, relations.
6. Each character starts with 1D6 Possessions.

1-2	Egyptian	Divination, Death, Priest
			Death Priest, Slave Trader, Charioteer, Engineer, Tomb robber
3-4	Greek		Divination, Alchemy, Healing
			Hoplite, Musician, Mariner, Oracle, Philosopher, Pagan Priest
5-6	Roman		Divination, Alchemy, Music
			Centurion, Gladiator, Legionnaire, Lawyer, Thief, Magister, Senator, Apothecary
7-8	Babylonian	Priest, Force, Mental, Death, Wizard
			Priest, Agent, Soldier, Diplomat, Concubine, Savant, Thaumaturge, Scribe
9-10	Zulu		Spirit, Witchcraft
			Warrior, Noble Savage, Witch, Bodyguard, Hunter
11-12	Aztec		Death, Priest
			Warrior, War Priest, Runner
13-14	Inca		Nature, Priest, Music
			Solar Priest, Jungle fighter, Guide
15-16	Norse		Rune, Spirit, Music, Elemental
			Rune Master, Barbarian, Bard, Raider, Pathfinder, Giant slayer
17-18	Celtic		Nature, Fey, Rune, Music
			Druid, Bard, Wikka, Tundra scout, Painted warrior
19-20	Mohawk		Spirit, Nature, Healing, Witchcraft
			Warrior, Scout, Wiseman, Plains hunter
21-22	Hindu		Creation, Spirit, Healing, Illusion, Music
			Merchant, Alchemist, Warrior, Holy man, Outcast, Monk
23-24	Chinese		Martial Arts, Spirit, Elemental, Fey
			Martial artist, Mystic, Animist, Warrior Monk, Courtesan
25-26	Japanese	Martial Arts, Spirit, Elemental, Illusion
			Samurai, Ninja, Geisha, Wizard
27-28	Arabic		Creation, Elemental, Force, Illusion
			Assassin, Sorcerer, Beggar, Snake charmer, Fanatic
29-30	Mongolian	Martial Arts, Spirit
			Horseman, Mountaineer, Nomad, Pit Fighter, Torturer, Brigand
31-32	Pygmy		Nature, Fey
			Hunter, Witch doctor, Scavenger, Herbalist
33-34	Neanderthal	Spirit, Healing, Nature
			Shaman, Healer, Defender, Empath, Grower
35-36	Atlantean	Artificer, Elemental, Healing, Wizard, Force
			Wizard, Rogue, Fighter, Dream Merchant, Sage, Ranger, Con artist, Pickpocket
37-38	Lemurian	Death, Elemental, Mental
			Diabolist, Conjurer, Mentalist, Chaos Warrior, Cultist
39-40	Anglo-Saxon	Priest, Healing, Alchemy, Witchcraft
			Arthurian Knight, Yeoman, Paladin, Buccaneer, Falconer, Templar, Crusader, Pikeman
41-42	Renaissance	Divination, Alchemy, Artificer
			Artisan, Scientist, Scholar, Musketeer, Duelist, Sailor, Doctor, Lancer
43-44	Gothic		Death, Artificer, Creation, Mental, Illusion
			Macabre, Necromancer, Illusionist, Gypsy, Warlock, Grave digger, Jester
45-46	Amazon		Healing, Divination
			Warrior, Healer, Archer, Temple Maiden
47-48	Polynesian	Spirit, Death, Witchcraft
			Shaman, Diver, Warrior, Cannibal, Aquaculturist, Demon worshipper
49-50	Spaniard	Priest, Mental
			Rogue, Cleric, Jesuit Monk, Explorer, Inquisitor, Swordsman, Conquistador
51-52   Mayan		Priest, Divination, Force, Mental
			Astrologer, Warrior, Healer, Tracker, Mentalist
53-54   Caribbean       Spirit, Witchcraft	
			Corsair, Voodoo priest, Swashbuckler, Smuggler
55-56   Russian	        Fey, Priest, Artificer, Elemental, Music
			Thief, Enchanter, Artificer, Bard, Thug, Miner, Cossack, Writer, Circus Performer
57-58   Persian	        Wizard, Creation, Illusion, Alchemy, Artificer
                        Wizard, Magician, Alchemist, Soldier, Collector, Prince
59-60   Finnish 	Music, Runes, Illusions, Divination
			Minstrel, Seer, Warrior, Ice witch, Forester, Reindeer Herder, Whaler
61-62   Hyborean	Witchcraft, Elemental, Spirit, Mental, Natural
			Barbarian, Beast Master, Elementalist, Bounty Hunter
63-64   Phoenician      Elemental, Force
			Pirate, Sea Trader, Weather Mage, Mercenary, Fisherman
65-66   Ethiopians      Spirit, Nature, Witchcraft, Music
                        Warrior, Trader, Shaman, Herder, Farmer
67-68   Semite          Priest, Creation, Divination, Runes, Artificer
                        Rabbi, Cabalist, Slinger, Moneylender, Rebel, Wanderer, Tailor, Goldsmith
69-70   Germanic        Fey, Rune, Witchcraft, Music
                        Teutonic Knight, Executioner, Hermit, Brewer, Witch, Piper, Jester
71-72   Frankish        Illusions, Music
                        Chevalier, Artist, Highwayman, Revolutionary, Romantic, Intellectual, Prostitute
73-74   Beduin          Spirit, Music, Divination
                        Knife fighter, Dervish, Bandit, Dancing girl, Guide
75-76   Simmian         Nature, Spirit
                        Shaman, Guerilla fighter, Berserker
77-78   Reptilian       Nature, Artificer, Elemental, Force, Priest, Alchemist
                        Leader, Priest, Warrior, Breeder, Laborer, Perydactyl Rider, Raptor Rider
79-80   Troglodytes     Water, Artificer, Witchcraft
                        Man-catcher, Scout, Gatherer, Slayer, Priest
81-82   Feline          Martial Arts, Healing, Force
                        Seeker, Avenger, Elder, Caretaker, Stalker, Guardian
83-84   Byzantine       Mental, Illusion, Divination, Alchemist, Death
                        Temptress, Beaurocrat, Conscript, Spy, Informant, Sex Slave, Sorcerer, Cutpurse
85-86   Scottish        Priest, Healing, Music, Runes
                        Highlander, Clansman, Bagpiper, Blacksmith, Shepard
87-00   Pick/Reroll 


The world is similar to ours.
All the many civilizations are connected by trade.
The Atlantic ocean is smaller.
In the middle of the Atlantic is the small continent of Atlantis.
Civilizations are located roughly where they used to exist on our world.
Atlantis is a magical, rich melting pot.
Hyborea is roughly Northeast Europe.
The Mohawks represent one of hundreds of different tribes in North America.
The Neanderthal's inhabit Canada.
Neanderthal's are stronger than humans but are more pacifistic.
Neanderthal culture & technology is on par with the Mohawks.
Phoenician Colonies are scattered throughout the 
Mediterranean & Atlantic. Theirs is a seafaring culture.
The Roman 'Empire' is small but expanding.
The Greeks are composed of many warring City States.
The Persians have a decadent, lazy empire.
The Arabic lands are divided among many Caliphs.
The Beduins live in the hot deserts claimed, but not inhabited by others.
The Egyptian Empire is strong but stagnant.
The Byzantines and Babylonians play politics with their larger neighbors.
The Russians have a large but poorly run empire.
The Feudal Anglosaxon baronies war amongst themselves and against their 
neighbors, the Scotts, Germans and Franks.
The Semites have no homeland. They live among the cities of other peoples.
The Aztecs war against the Inca to the North & the Mayans to the South.
The Zulus are divided into many warring tribes.
The Ethiopians represent a great variety of small African tribes.
The Gothics inhabit Eastern Europe.
The Central European Renaissance City states are currently 
experimenting with a new type of magic called science.
The Spaniards are successful traders & colonizers. 
The many tribes of the Norse & the Finns are in Scandinavia.
The Mongols regularly terrorize the Chinese & the Russians.
Japan is split into the fiefs of many warring Shoguns.
China is divided into many smaller realms.
Lemuria occupies West Africa. It is ruled by Evil Sorcerers who envy Atlantis.
The Hindus are divided into many small but peaceful kingdoms.
The Polynesians are preyed upon by the amphibious Troglodytes.
The Caribbean is a center of trade between the Americas & Atlantis.
The Various types of Reptilians occupy Australia which has moved
very close to India & Africa. 
The Simmians can be found in the Jungles of Africa hunting the Pygmies.
The Felines are native to South America but they travel extensively.

Some groups are monotheistic, others are polytheistic, others spirit worshiping.
All religous spellcasters are able to draw "magical" power from their focus of worship.
Each Pantheon exists on its own alternate dimension. 
The gods & spirits can only travel to this Earth in areas where there 
are many worshippers of that Pantheon.
Since this Earth has access to so many pantheons, it has been declared a neutral zone. 
The gods avoid conflict with each other on this world.
The people of Atlantis have a pantheon similar to the Greeks and Romans.
The Hyborians have a pantheon similar to that of the Norse.
The Christans include the Anglosaxons, Franks, Germans, Gothics, Rennaisance, Scotts, 
Byzantines and Spaniards.
The Gothics are steeped in necromancy, and undead powers.
The Moslems include the Arabs and Beduins.
The Lemurians and Troglodytes worship ancient, evil, alien gods.

Abilities are also referred to as skills, traits, stats, attributes, 
characteristics, knowledges, and bonuses.
One experience point buys the first level in an ability.
Two experience points buys the second level in an ability.
Three xps buys the 3rd level, and so on.

Click here for all of the Skills, Abilities & Spell lists  

Rolls on this table are known as action rolls.
D10     RESULT
1-5	Failure
6+	Success

DIFFICULTY              ADD
Cant Miss		+5
Routine			+4
Very easy		+3	
Easy			+2
Less Difficult		+1
Difficult		-1
More Difficult		-2
Very Difficult		-3
Extremely Difficult	-4
Impossible		-5

MODIFIER                ADD
Per level of Ability	+1
No Ability Penalty	Varies
Wounded                 -1/Wound

Use the action table to save vs mishaps.
Encumbered -1 or more to action roll
Avoiding traps usually tests reflexes and balance.

Use the action table to save vs being detected.
Light increases difficulty.
Metal Armor -4 to action roll.

Use the action table to detect opponents, illusions, etc.
Usually tests perception.
Blindness, invisibility -4 to action roll.

Use the action table to save vs poisons.
Potent poisons increase the difficulty.
Poison resistance ability +1/Level to action roll.

Use the action table to save vs spells & unwelcome magical effects.
Each spell level increases the difficulty by -1.
Magic resistance ability +1/Level to action roll.

Check every 10 feet to save vs falling.
Ropes & climbing gear +1 to +4 to action roll.
Use Climbing or Balance skill.

Combat is divided into rounds.
During a round each combatant gets to take one action.
Actions include: Attacking, aiming, moving, blocking, parrying, etc.

Each participant gets a turn.
Each side rolls 1D10. 
The Referee adds appropriate levels of the following abilities:
Stealth, Tactics, Leadership, Reflexes
The side with the higher total goes first.

D10     RESULT
1-5	Miss
6+	Hit
NOTES: A roll on this table is known as the attack roll.
A natural roll of 10 is always a hit.
A natural roll of 1 always misses.

MODIFIER                          ATTACK     
Medium Range	                  -2		
Long Range		          -4
Attacker Unarmed	          +1/Level of Brawling Skill 
Attackers Weapon Skill	          +1/Level (if using weapon)
Attackers Martial Arts Skill	  +1/Two Levels
Attack to Knock Prone             -1
Attack to Immobilize              -2 & +1/ Level of Wrestling ability
Attack to Knock unconscious       -2 (Blunt weapon)
Attack to Disarm	          -2
Attacker Mounted                  -1
Defender Mounted                  -1
Attack with two weapons           -1 with primary weapon; -3 with secondary weapon
Attacker Prone	                  -2
Defender Prone	                  +1
Defender Immobilized              +3
Attacker Encumbered	          -1 or -2
Attacker Wounded                  -1/Wound
Defender was hit last turn        +1
Attacking with Surprise           +4
NOTES: ATTACK values are added to the attack roll.

MODIFIER                            DEFENSE
Defenders Reflex Ability            +1/Level
Defenders Martial Arts skill        +1/two Levels
Defender using Target Shield	    +1
Defender using Round Shield	    +2
Defender using Wall Shield          +3
Defender invisible                  +4
NOTES: DEFENSE values are subtracted from the attack roll.

If the action roll indicates a hit the victim may attempt to defend.
The defender must be aware of the incoming attack (Perception roll).
The defense attempt counts as the defenders action for the round.
The defense may be a dodge, parry, or block.
To defend use the action table.
Defending is a very difficult action.
All defenses: +1/Two Levels of Martial Arts ability.
Dodging: +1/Level of Reflexes ability.
Parrying: +1/Level of Weapon skill. Ranged attacks are parried at -3.
Shield Block: + shield size.
Unarmed Block: +1/Level of Brawling or Wrestling ability. Versus Ranged attack -3.

Crossbow	360     One round to reload
Long Bow	300
Musket          240     One round to reload
Short Bow	200
Javelin	        160
Pistol          120     One round to reload
Sling		100
Spear		80
Blowgun         60
Hand axe	40
Dagger	        40
Throwing Stars  40
Notes: Maximum range is measured in feet.
Short range is within 25%. Medium range is within 50%.
Everything over 50% of maximum range is long range.

1	Deflected		0	
2       Deflected               0       Knocked Prone
3-4	Minor Wound		1 	
5	Minor Wound		1	Knocked Prone
6	Moderate Wound	        2		
7	Moderate Wound	        2	Knocked Prone
8	Major Wound		3	 	
9	Major Wound		3	Knocked Prone
10+	Mortal Wound	        4       50% Dead/50% Amputation
NOTES: Rolls on this table are known as damage rolls.
Each damage point reduces level of the Stamina Ability by one.
If the combatant has negative Stamina left then that number serves
as a wound penalty to all actions until healed.
Damage and wounds heal at a natural rate of 1 per day.
Attacks to immobilize, disarm or knock unconscious do no damage.
They are successful on damage rolls of 5+.
Once immobilized a wrestler automatically 'hits' every turn doing damage.
A hold can be broken using the action resolution table modified by 
the strength of both combatants.
Getting up from a prone position counts as one's action for the round.

MODIFIER                DAMAGE
Attacker Unarmed	-2
Light Weapon	        +0(Dagger)
Average Weapon(1H)	+1(Sword)
Using 1H with 2 hands   +2
Heavy Weapon (2H)       +3(Battle axe)
Attackers Strength	+1/Level
Attacker Wounded        -1/Wound
Defender Wounded        +1/Wound
NOTES: DAMAGE values are added to the Damage Roll.

MODIFIER                ARMOR
Leather Armor 	        +1
Chain Armor		+2
Plate Armor		+3
NOTES: ARMOR values are subtracted from the Damage Roll.

1-3		Leg Hurt	Cannot run; limited movement
4-6		Arm Hurt	Cannot use arm
7-9		Incapacitated	Cannot move or fight but awake
10		Unconscious	1D10 hours

A new character can only start with spells associated with his culture.
Each 'type' of magic has a list of available spells.
Each level of a spell costs one experience point.
For example to learn a 4th level spell costs 4 xp.
For each spell at a certain level learned in a type of magic, 
the character must know at least one spell of the next lower level.
To learn a 2nd level spell, a character must know a 1st level spell.
To learn a 4th level spell, a character must know one 3rd level spell, 
one 2nd level spell, and one 1st level spell.
A spell can be cast once per day.
Each level of the Raw Manna ability lets the character cast an
extra two levels of spells per day.
Spell store spells imbed a known spell into a physical object.

Click here for all of the Skills, Abilities & Spell lists  


Big Bad Balder
Norse Warrior
Abilities(9): Strength(2), Stamina, Melee Weapons, Sailing,
Leadership, Personality, Oration
Possessions: Battle Axe, Bag of Gold, Sailboat, Shield, Keg of Wine

Atlantean Wizard
Abilities(10): Literacy, Greek, Latin, Raw manna(2)
1st Level Fire spell: Flaming weapon
2nd Level Fire spell: Fire Ball
1st Level Artificer spell: Contraption
Possessions: Ring(Raw Manna +1), Staff, 3 Magical Contraptions: Magic Detection
Goggles, Sextant(Navigation +1), Abacus (Mathematics +1) 

Amazonian Warrior
Abilities(9): Strength, Tactics, Melee Weapons, Archery, Running,
Swimming, Seduction, Reflexes(2)
Possessions: Long Bow, 15 Arrows, Spear, dagger

Renaissance Thief
Abilities(10): Stealth(2), Sword fighting, Thrown Knife, Climbing, 
Lockpicking, Running, Luck, Bargaining
Possessions: Brace of 4 Knives, Rapier, Lockpicking tools, 
vial of poison

Celtic Ranger
Abilities (10): Tracking, Survival(Forest), Animal Husbandry, Sword Fighting, 
Melee Weapons, Archery, Riding, Climbing, Swimming, Perception
Possessions: Long Bow, 20 Arrows, Long Sword, Leather armor, Horse

Sir Darius
British Knight
Abilities (8): Nobility, Strength, Riding, Sword Fighting, Melee Weapons, 
Etiquitte, Diplomacy, Stamina
Possessions: Warhorse, Plate Armor, Great Sword, Lance, Page

Chinese Martial Artist
Abilities (10): Martial Arts(2), Reflexes(2), Brawling(2), Balance
Posessions: None

Chinese Soothsayer
Abilities (8): Herbalism, Literacy, Mathematics, Martial Arts(2)
1st Level Divination Spell: Fortune Telling 
1st Level Divination Spell: Detection
Possessions: Tarot Deck, Abacus, Telescope, Starcharts

Gothic Game Designer
Abilities(6): Literacy, Appraisal, Medicine, Riding (horseless buggy), 
Oration, Artisan (Illustrator)

Some abilities of 'monsters' are not in terms of abilities.
Because of this monsters are not created using xps, rather the
referee must use his best judgement when designing monsters and 
when choosing to confront characters with them.

Speed of Horse = 4X human speed; Carry Heavy Burdens = 8X human
Horse Kick = Attack: Damage +2 modifier; Carry Riders = 1 or 2 riders
Thick Hide = Armor +1; Stamina = 3, Archery = 2, Reflexes = 1, Strength = 2, Melee Weapons level = 1
Notes: Weakness for wine. Intelligent but unsophisticated. Has Bow and club.

Slow = Attack and Defense -1 in melee
Stamina = 2, Strength = 1, Brawling = 1, Stealth = 2
Regenerate = Heal 1 wound per round
Immune to = Disease, poison, Mental magic, Illusion magic, Pain, sleep, charm, suggestion
Notes: Undead. No penalty for being unarmed.

Melee level = 1, Reflexes = 1
Resistant to impaling weapons: These are at -2 on Damage roll.
Immune to = Like zombie
Notes: Undead. No penalty for being unarmed. Has axe and shield.

Flying = 8X human speed
Stamina = 5, Reflexes = 4, Perception = 3, Strength = 4, Brawling = 4
Fiery Aura = Defense +2, Damage +1, Attack +1
Can cast any spell, up to 20 levels of spells per day.
Notes: Very arrogant. Can be targeted as a demon, spirit, or elemental.

Seduction = 5
Spells = Fey Travel X3, Vanish X2, Charm X3, Hold, Sleep, Entangle
Notes: Fey. Solitary men will be seduced, drowned, and eaten.

Movement = 2X human speed, Strength = 6, Stamina = 7, Melee Weapons = 2
Notes: Carries a 2H Maul (Damage +1)

Fire Drake
Flying = 8X human speed
Claws = 1 Attack: Damage +2; Bite = 1 Attack: Damage +3
Tail sweep = 1 Attack: Damage -1, Attack +1 
Fire breath = 1 Attack: Damage +1, Attack +2, Range = 60
Armored scales = Armor +4
Stamina = 6, Reflexes = 3, Perception = 2
Notes: Weakness for gold. Young Dragon. Intelligent.
Can breath fire every third round. Tail sweep attacks to the rear.

Giants- Very rare. Some are elemental titans.
Some are magical creations. Some are isolated, evil subhumans.
Dragons- Extremely rare. Great diversity of forms.
Undead- Cursed souls & bodies. Often the work of death magic.
Demons- Entities summoned from evil dimensions. 
Fey- Common. Wicked or winsome sprites, fairies, & trolls.
Mythic Monsters- The work of Gods or mighty magic.
Automatons- The servants of Artificers.
Dinosaurs- In hidden valleys. Some have dragon-like forms.
Carnivorous Plants- Beware the shrubbery.
Simmians- Primitive intelligent apes.
Felines- Noble, intelligent race of Cat-men.
Reptilians- Sophisticated, Intelligent, bipedial dinosaurs.
Troglodytes- Ancient, evil, intelligent Amphibian-men.

Completion of an adventure will earn the characters gold, fame, magic
items & experience points.
1. Infiltrate a Babylonian Ziggurat temple to steal its treasures. 
2. Defeat an Arabic wizard.
3. Rescue a Greek prince from a Lemurian dungeon.
4. Party finds a Phonecian treasure map to a secret island.
5. Find a way to stop a Roman invasion.
6. Party is challenged by an Aztec God.
7. Retrieve an Islander's ancient relic to remove a terrible curse.
8. Steal a Caribbean pirate's treasure.
9. Assassinate the guildmaster of a Gothic city.
10. Explore a jungle inhabited by Zulus & Pygmys.
11. Retrieve devices stolen from a Russian artificer.
12. Collect rare ingredients for a Chinese alchemist.
13. Escort a frail Hindu astrologer to a far away observatory.

Sword		Damage +1 
Bow		Archery +1
Gauntlets	Strength +1
Staff		Raw Manna +3
Cape		Blur spell. Use 4X a Day
Potion	        Heal 1D6 hits. One use.
Bracers	        Defense +1
Spectacles      Perception +1. Fragile.
Helmet	        Leadership +2. Silver.
Shield	        Round Shield; Reflect spells on a roll of 1-4 on D10
Boots           Running +3
Pendant         Reflexes +1
Charm           Luck +1
Key             Unlock spell. Use once a Day
Wand            Energy Bolt spell. 2D6 Charges.
Dagger          Poison
Salve           Cure diseases & poison. 1D6 uses.
Scroll          One random spell. One use.
Mace            Damage +3 vs Undead.
Sword           Attack +1
Paint           Disguise Spell. One use.
Orb             Light spell. Continuous on command.
Sand            Sleep spell. One use.
Wand            Illusions spell. 2D6 Charges.
Carpet          Flying. Continuous on command. Carries up to 2 riders
Crystal Ball    Scrying Pool spell. Three times per day
Arrow           Damage +4. One use.
Headband        Martial arts +1.
Slippers        Dance +5.
Book            Herb Lore +3.
Girdle          Wrestling +2.
Gloves          Brawling +2.
Mask            Detect Spirit & Talk to Spirits X3 day each.
Bear Hide       Armor +2, Strength +1, Stamina +2
Feather Cape    Flying. Use 3X day.

The common universal currency is the Gold Piece.
The common trade language is Atlantean.

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