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Players control Pirate ships in search of plunder & adventure. 

The first player to accumulate 100 Gold is the winner. 

Pirate ships have a hull rating of 12 and a cargo space of 12.
A player can only control one ship at a time. 
A new ship costs 20 Gold. This includes one crew & one cannon

Players start with one Pirateship, two crew, and one cannon. 
All ships start in the Port Royal space.
Determine turn order by rolling dice. High roll goes first.

Ships start out with a hull rating of 12.
If a ships hull rating is reduced to 0, it sinks and the player will 
have to buy a new ship.
If a ship sinks or is lost all cargo is also lost. 

This is how many goods the ship can carry. 
Ships have a cargo capacity of 12 spaces.
Each crew occupies one cargo space.  
Each gun occupies one cargo space.    

If the number of crew is reduced to 0, the ship is lost, and the 
player will have to buy a new ship.
Additional crew can be hired at Port for 2 Gold each.

See Battles section.
A cannon will hit an enemy ship in the same space on a roll of 1-3 on D6.
Each hit reduces the hull rating by one point.
Additional cannons can be purchased at Port for 2 Gold each

Ships automatically stop on the port space.
The port is a safe harbor: Players cannot attack each other here.
Goods can be traded for an equal number of gold at port. 
Damaged hulls can be repaired for one gold per point of damage.

Each good occupies one cargo space. 
Goods represent tobacco, rum, artwork, furniture, and other valuables.
Goods are acquired by plundering merchant ships and towns.

Gold does not occupy cargo space.

The board is a circular ring of 48 connected spaces.  
Pick one space to be Port Royal. (Space 1)
The space to the clockwise of that is space 2, and so on.
The other spaces include:
Sargasso Sea (Space 7)- Miss Next turn 
Gulf Stream (Space 13) Lower Left corner- Go again
Doldrums (Space 19)- Miss Next turn 
Deserted Island (Space 25) Upper Left corner- Dig up 1D6 Gold
Horse Latitudes (Space 31)- Miss Next turn 
Trade Winds (Space 37) Upper Right corner- Go again
Coral Reef  (Space 43)- Take 1D6 Damage to hull 
Skull & Crossbones (Spaces 10, 22, 34, 46)- Draw a card
Merchant Ship (Spaces 4, 16, 28, 40)- Plunder 1D6 Goods

Attacked by Spanish Galleon (Hull=5 Guns=2 Crew=2)
Attacked by Portugese Man-o-War (Hull=5 Guns=2 Crew=2)
Attacked by French Frigate (Hull=5 Guns=2 Crew=2)
Attacked by English Clipper (Hull=5 Guns=2 Crew=2)
Attacked by Flying Dutchman (Hull=5 Guns=2 Crew=2)
Scurvey- Loose one crew
BeriBeri- Loose one crew
Mutiny- One of your crew attacks the rest
Treasure Map- Hold this card. Discard: The next time you land on the deserted island dig up 4D6 Gold
Albatross- Go again
Hurricane- Take 1D6 hull damage
Tropical storm- Miss next turn
Blown off course- Go back 1D6 spaces
Run aground- Take 1D6 hull damage
Sextant- Hold this card. Discard: Ignore result: Miss next turn
Merchant ship- Plunder 1D6 Goods
Stowaway- Gain one crew
Repairs at sea- Repair 1D6 Hits for free
Shipwreck Survivors- Gain one crew
Narrow Escape- Hold this card. Discard: End battle or avoid it before it begins
Whirlpool- Take 1D6 hull damage
Mermaid- Go again
Buccaneers- Attacked by two crew
Hostile Natives- Attacked by one crew
Blown Away- Hold this card. Discard during a battle to get an extra attack with all of your Cannons
Swashbuckling- Hold this card. Discard during a boarding action to automatically kill an enemy Crew
Medicinals- Hold this card. Discard to prevent a Crew from being killed

Ships move clockwise. A player on his turn rolls 1D6 and moves his 
ship that many spaces. 

Battles occur between opponents ships in the same space. 
First, all ships roll one die for each cannon they have. 
Rolls of 1-3 on 1D6 inflict 1 hull damage 
After this exchange roll on the following table:
1D6	Battle Action
1-3	Conduct another round of cannon fire
4	Boarding action
5-6	The battle ends and the current player moves back 1D6 spaces

Each player rolls one die for each Crew they have. 
Rolls of 1-3 on 1D6 result in an enemy Crew being killed.	
Continue doing this until all but one side is eliminated.

"Avast ye scurvey mates, prepare to be boarded!" 
Be sure to play in character. 

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