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"S.O.S. This is the Prescott. Maximum Burn. Repeat. We are out of Fuel. 
Velocity is Mark 5. Current Position 90.5-42-6.3. Bearing 34.7-78.9-69.2. 
We've reached the point of no return. Someone come & get us..."
		---Commander Randal F. Graves, Last Transmission---

Spaceship combat using simple vector movement & inertia

Use a Hex map with a star field background

Chits or counters are used to indicate the position of planets, ships, and 
other objects on the map
Players may want to use chits to indicate velocity, fuel, missles, and damage

Each ship should have its own record sheet with the following data:
Ship Name, Captains Name, Allegience, History
Crew number, experience, and morale
Hull Points, Cost, List of All systems
Number of Fuel Tanks & Missles carried
Velocity, Systems damaged 
The records will be altered during play as the ship uses up fuel & missles, 
and sustains damage

1-Navigation Phase
2-Launch Missles Phase
3-Gun Phase
4-Missle Strike Phase
5-Damage Control Phase
6-Resupply & Repair Phase
7-Docking Phase
8-Victory Phase

All sides act in each phase
All actions in a phase are considered simultaneous except for Navigation Phase

Start with the fleet with the fewest ships
Players take turns moving one ship at a time
Move larger ships before moving smaller ships
Ship can burn one fuel tank per engine per turn
The Burn can be used for 3 things: Acceleration, Deceleration, or Turning
(De)Acceleration changes velocity by one hex per turn per burn
If used for Turning, the ships facing is turned 60 degrees per burn
Turns can take place at any point during the move
A ships velocity can be indicated by a marker chit
A ship must always move a number of hexes equal to its velocity 
Movement is always in the direction the ship is facing
Ships at 0 velocity may change their facing for free
Ships that leave the map are lost forever

A ship can launch one missle per launcher per turn
Missles have a range of up to two hexes
Declare launches & Targets
Only one target per computer is allowed
Multiple missles may have the same target. They all make seperate attack rolls

Guns include beam & projectile weapons such as: 
Lasers, Particle Accelerators, Rail Guns, & Plasma Generators
Lasers can fire at ships or incoming missles in the same hex (Range = 0)
Particle Accelerators, Plasma Generators, & Rail Guns cannot target missles
Particle Accelerators have a range of 1 Hex
Rail Guns have a range of 2 Hexes 
Rail guns are forward facing, they can only fire into the 2 hexes in front of the ship
Plasma Generators have a range of 0. They use up a fuel tank when they fire
Only one target ship (or missle) per computer is allowed
Multiple guns may have the same target. They all make seperate attack rolls
All attack declarations for all guns are made before any resolutions are made

1		Miss
2		Reflected
3		Surface Damage		
4		Noncritical Puncture
5-6		Target Hit- Use Damage Table or Laser Destroys Incoming Missle
+1 to roll if target stationary
-1 to roll if target velocity is 3 or greater
-2 to roll if target velocity is 5 or greater
Plasma Generators get a +3 to rolls on this table
Treat a ‘noncritical puncture' result as a ‘Target Hit' result against 
converted or nonmilitary targets

Roll on the missle attack table for all missles not shot down by lasers

1-3		Miss
4-5		Near Miss
6		Launch Abort- Targeting computers Hesitate. Missle Does not launch
7+		Target Hit- Use Damage Table
Smart missles have a +1 to rolls on the Missle Attack Table
+2 to roll if target stationary
-1 to roll if target velocity is 3 or greater
-2 to roll if target velocity is 5 or greater

1-3		1D6 Cargo bays Destroyed (or half as much Armor, rounded up)
4-5 		1D10 Cargo bays Destroyed (or half as much Armor, rounded up)
6		Critical damage or 1 Superstructure point destroyed
Armor is destroyed before cargo bays
Empty cargo bays are destroyed before others
Cargo bays containing missles are destroyed before those containing fuel tanks
If no Cargo Bays are left, roll on the critical damage table
Cargo Bays will of course be carrying cargo on transport ships
On other nonmilitary vessels replace the cargo bay results with scilabs, 
crew quaters, luxury pods, or whatever is most common
Only spacestations & ground installations have Superstructure points
1 Superstructure point is equivalent to 100 Cargo bays or Hull points
If a Nuclear missle hits roll 8 times on the Damage Table
If a Railgun hits roll 2 times on the Damage Table

1		Engine Damaged
2		Computer Damaged
3		Living Quaters Damaged- Automatically Kills crew or passengers 
4		Launcher Damaged
5		Sensor Suite Damaged
6		Nonessential System Damaged- Lifeboat, SciLab
7		Gun Damaged- Laser, Particle Accelerator, Rail Gun, Plasma Generator
8		Power Grid Damaged- Ship can take no actions until this system repaired
9		Directional Thrusters Damaged- Ship cannot turn
10		Ship destroyed in a spectacular explosion
Reroll if target system has already been damaged
Damaged systems do not function

If a ship did not burn or attack this turn a crew may attempt to repair one damaged 
engine, computer, launcher, lifeboat, laser, sensor suite, or scilab 

1-2	Total Loss. The system must be replaced at a port with shipbuilding facilities (Repay MC cost)
3	Extensive Damage. System can only be fixed at port
4	Too soon to tell. Try again next turn
5	System requires two turns to fix
6	Minor Damage. System repaired

Ships docked at a station may replinish their supplies of fuel & missles in this phase
Pay in megacredits for these items from the facilities supply surplus
They may also make repairs at this time if repair crews are available
Roll on Damage Control table to determine if the damage is total loss
Recalculate Supply totals of Repair facilities  
Ships docked with each other may also trade cargos & crews in this phase

Space stations, bases, and colonies have the following stats:
Docking Bays- The number of ships that may dock with the base at one time
Repair Crews- The number of damaged systems that can be replaced or repaired per turn
Superstructure Points- Units of Damage. Each point lost is a whole 
section of the structure destroyed
Supply Surplus- Megacredits available that can be spent on replacing 
Fuel tanks, Missles, Crews, and Systems
Resupply- Megacredits generated or recieved per turn
Defenses- Numbers of guns, missles, launchers, computers, and sensors
Laserarcs- Number of lasers that can be used against targets in any one 60 degree arc
Ground targets can only attack or be attacked from 3 arcs (The planet shields thier other arcs)

Ships may automatically dock with satelites, space stations, and friendly ships in the same 
hex, only if both vessels are at the same velocity and facing
Space stations and satelites face all directions
Undocking also occurs in this phase
Enemy ships with no ability to move or fight may also be boarded 
and will automatically surrender
Disabled ships may be towed at no detriment to the tower
A ship may make up to 2 docking connections, one per airlock it has
If two or more ships are docked together only 1 of them may use their weapons
Ships docked to space stations may not fire their weapons

Each scenario will specify victory conditions

These are launched in Navigation Phase
They can carry 1 crew to safety
If hit they are automatically destroyed
They carry no weapons
They have one small engine and enough fuel for 3 burns

Use the following rules for designing ships

Hull			---	1	---		1 per other system required
Living Quaters	        1	2	---		Any damage kills crew in that module
Crew			---	4	---		Located in living quaters
Power Grid		---	2	---		Only 1 per ship
Computer		1	3	---		Only 1 target per computer 
Engine		        1	3	---		1 Burn per turn
Directional Thrusters	---	2	---		Only 1 per ship
Airlock		        1	1	---		Allows 1 Docking connection
Cargo Bay		1	---	---		Holds Missles & Fuel Tanks		
Fuel Tank		---	1	1		Stored in cargo	
Sensor Suite		1	3	---		A ship cannot target without sensors
Launcher		1	3	---		Fires 1 Missle per turn		
Missle			---	1	1		Stored in cargo
Smart Missle		---	2	1		Stored in cargo, do not require a computer to target
Nuclear Missle	        ---	10	1		Smart Missle + Extra Damage			
Laser			1	3	---		Attack 1 target per turn, unlimited ammo; Range=0
Particle Accelerator	2	7	---		(PA)Attack 1 target per turn, unlimited ammo; Range=1
Rail Gun		3	10	---		(RG)Attack 1 target per turn, unlimited ammo; Range=2
Plasma Generator	1	3	---		(PG)Attack 1 target per turn, Range=0
Lifeboat		1	4	---		Evacuates 1 crew			
Armor			1	1	---		Counts as 2 Cargo bays on Damage Table
Scilab			1	3	---		These are always destroyed before computers or sensors
Luxury Pod		1	2	---		These are always destroyed before crew quaters
Cost is in monetary units called Megacredits
The Hull column indicates how many Hull spaces the system occupies 
A ship must have at least 1 hull point per system
Hull points not occupied by systems are automatically considered to be cargo
The Cargo column indicates how many cargo bays the material occupies
All ships must have (The Basic System Package):
1 crew quaters, 1 computer, 1 engine, 1 sensor suite, 1 power grid, 1 directional thrusters, 1 airlock
Every ship also needs several cargo bays for holding fuel tanks
Building extra basic systems gives the added advantage that if a system is damaged there is a backup
Ships of hull size 100-199 must burn 2 fuel tanks to (de)accelerate (or turn) once
Ships of hull size 200-299 must burn 3 fuel tanks to (de)accelerate (or turn) once
Large warships are known as dreadnaughts
Ships cannot be built or upgraded during battles

Background- Political prisoners from a detention center on the moon have gained control of 
Tycho Base, a European Commonwealth mining colony and have demanded sovereignty.
Negotiations lasting several months have failed. 
The New Tycho leadership has gained support from various African & South American Nations
War ships from several commonwealth countries have been gathering at the L5 colony 
The Europeans are split on the decision whether to attack
Either side will quikly give up if the war starts going against them
Use the following victory conditions:
Destroy enemy Warship	1			
Damage colony 		2			Per 1 Superstructure point
Any Colony 50% damaged	Automatic Win
One side will surrender if the other leads by 4+ Victory points or destroys all their Warships

Map: The Moon should be in the middle. Tycho may be attacked from the 3 bottom hex arcs
L4 & L5 should be at opposite ends of the Map
Earth is not on the map. New Tycho will not directly attack Earth
Ships start at their colonies
All ships automatically have: 1 crew, 1 launcher, & The Basic System package
All remaining Hull spaces are empty cargo bays that may be loaded with a mix of 
missles and/or fuel tanks during setup using the spacestation starting supplies

Afrikanner 	African Warship		   50		3 Launchers, 2 Computers, 1 PAgun	
Zulu		African Warship		   40		2 Launchers, 10 Armor
Alkatraz	Converted Freighter	   30		5 Plasma Generators, 2 Engines
Freedom	        Converted Tanker	   40		25 Cargo Bays only carry Fuel tanks
Elba		Converted Passenger Ship   30		10 Crew Quaters, 3 Lifeboats, 2 Luxury pods
Justice		Converted Rescue Ship	   20		2 Engines, 3 Crew Quaters, 1 Lifeboat, 2 Airlocks
Porto		Captured Warship	   30		2 Lasers, 5 Armor
Tresspass	Converted Yacht		   20		2 Engines, 2 Luxury pods
Nostros	        Converted Science Vessel   20		2 Computers, 2 Sensors, 3 Scilabs	
El Grande	South American Warship	   40		2 Launchers, 2 Engines, 5 Armor, 1RailGun	
Brazil		South American Warship	   20		2 Launchers, 2 Lasers, 2 Computers					

The Europeans have to defend L4 and L5
Saxon		Warship		50		10 Armor, 4 Lasers, 2 computers, 2 Engines
Milan		Warship		40		4 Launchers, 10 Smart Missles
Spaniard	Warship		40		10 Armor, 3 PAGuns, 2 Crew Quaters, 2 Cews
Napoleon	Warship		60		10 Armor, 3 Engines, 2 Railguns
Joan of Arc	Warship		60		20 Armor, 2 Lasers, 2 computers, 2 Engines, PGGun
Berlinner	Warship		80		4 Launchers, 4 Computers, 30 Armor, 4 Lasers, Railgun

Docking Bays				6		4	4		
Repair Crews				10		10	10	
Launchers				4		6	6	
Laserarcs				6		5	5	
Computers				8		10	10
Superstructure Points			14		6	6	
Starting Supplies			200		100	100			
Resupply Rate			        6		10	10
Shipbuilding Facilities			No		No	No	For a longer game allow ship construction

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