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Space Genocide.

Use a large Hex map.

There is a common set of white "resource" counters.
There is a common set of "Planet Buster" counters.
Each player has a set of blank "fleet" identification counters of a unique color.
Each player has a set of 10 "planet" counters of a unique color.
There is a common set of 110 "ship" counters.
The ship counter set contains 5 of each of the 22 ship types described on the Ship List Table.

Each player distributes his planets randomly in one section of the map.
Place one of your fleet counters in the same space as each of your planets. 
Each player draws 20 random ships from the Ship counter pile.
Under each of your fleet counters place 2 ships.
Place PB counters under ships that carry Planet Busters.

Destroy all of your opponents planets.

Players take turns. Each turn has 4 phases:
Transport Phase
Engagement Phase
Mass Destruction Phase
Production Phase

To clearly identify your ships, always place your fleet counters on top of all of your
ships or stacks of ships. 
Fleet counters hide the type of ship until the ships are engaged.

All ships have numerical scores in 4 categories:
Movement, Attack, Defense, and Planet Busters.
Movement (Move)- How far the ship can go in a turn. 
Ships with a Move = 0 are static defenses around the planet they orbit.
Attack (Atk)- Number of Attack dice rolled in engagement phase if attacking.
Defense (Def)- Number of Defense dice rolled in engagement phase if attacked.
Planet Busters (PB)- Number of PBs that can be carried.
Fighter Bays (Bays)- The number of fighter groups that can be carried.

All of your ships may move.
A ship may move a number of spaces equal to its Movement Rating.
Ships with a move rating of 0 cannot move. They defend the planet they're based on.
Fighter squads can be carried around by "carrier" ships with bays.

If opposing ships occupy the same space, there will be combat.
Each ship present with an attack rating of one or more may attack a target ship.
All attacks by both sides are simultaneous.
All of a carrier's fighter squads must be destroyed before the carrier can be attacked.
Ships may combine their attack dice against a single target ship. 
The attackers roll a number of 10 sided dice equal to their combined Attack Rating.
The defending ship rolls a number of 10 sided dice equal to his Defense Rating.
If the Attack total is higher than the Defense total, the ship is destroyed.
If the defense total is equal or higher, nothing happens.

If you have a ship with Planet Busters located at an opponents planet, you may 
launch one or more of these weapons.
Discard all PB counters used.
For each attack, on a roll of 1-3 on D6 the Planet is destroyed.
Remove the Planet counter from the board.

Gain one resource counter for each planet you control.
Discard 10 resource counters to build one ship.
Select any ship from the Ship counter pile.
Place the newly built ship in the same space as any one of your planets.
Newly built ships come with the appropriate number of PB counters.
If a ship has used up some or all of its PBs, it may, at a friendly 
planet have them replaced at a cost of one credit each.

Ship Type:		MOVE	ATK	DEF	PB     BAYS
Fighter Squads		0	5	4	1      F
Interceptor Squads	0	3	7	0      F
Bomber Squads		0	6	2	2      F
Gunships		5	2	3	0
Missile Boats		2	5	1	2
Drone			5	0	1	4
Scouts			6	1	3	0
Monitor			1	6	3	0
Destroyers		3	3	3	1
Corvettes		4	3	2	1
Frigate			3	4	2	1
Escorts			4	3	3	0
Battle Station		0	5	5	0
Defense Satellites	0	4	6	0			
Battle Drone		4	5	1	0	
Cruiser			2	3	4	1
Battler			2	5	2	1	
Shield Ship		1	4	5	0
Assault Transport	2	2	2	3      1
Attack Scout		7	0	2	1      
Light Carrier           4       1       3       0      2 
Carrier                 2       1       2       0      5

You may want to rename the ship types or add more.

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