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Additional URL: You can also reach this site with the following address: Games coming down the Pipe: Hovertanks... Tactical Combat. Manual dexderity instead of dice Take Over... Economic mergers game Skybattlers... Sci-fi weapons platform Magic Caravan... Fantasy Merchant game Spheres of Influence... Cards, matching Mothership... 1950s Martian Invasion Trivial University... PBEM trivia ???... Train Game ???... Western themed game ???... Party game ???... Childrens game ???... Biplane dogfighting ???... Undead Farming (If evilplanner doesn't make it first) Bin of Unused Game Titles: Tanks but no Tanks I control the center of the Board Space Plight What have you done for me Lately Help/Donations Accepted: If anyone wants to send me a Flatbed scanner and/or some mapping software, I could try making maps for some of the games. Thanx for lots of technical support from Mike Walker. HEX MAP The following Map board set was created by David Ashton: Download 10 x 10 Hex map David has also made counter sets, cards, and maps for Stratastar & Space Insurrection. These sets are available on the same pages as the rules. Submissions Accepted: If anyone wants to do artwork for boards or chits, e-mail me the file, and I'll post it on the site. I have already posted rules variants from other people for: Zulu Spears, Superhero Slugfest, Space Fury, and Guildmaster. These are on the same page as the rules or linked to it. I will also post complete games. The original author would of course, retain all rights to their work. CONTRIBUTIONS Thank you Janne Thörne for the Historically accurate Counter Sets for Cannonade, Blitz, Sea Battle, and Midway. Anti-Climactic Milestone: The site reached Hit # 10,000 on Febuary 17, 2000. PEER REVIEW: Zulu Spears was published in the February 2000 issue of STRATEGIST, the monthly newsletter of the Strategy Gaming Society (SGS) Wolf Pack was published in the April 2000 issue ACADEMIA Culture & Conquest and Gerrymandering have been published in the online Winter 2000 issue of the ACADEMIC GAMING REVIEW Whats been done: 5/13/00 Galactic Supremacy posted 5/11/00 Conception posted 4/27/00 Minions posted 4/20/00 Ancient Generals posted 4/8/00 Space Scouts posted 4/4/00 Rebel Space posted 4/1/00 Planet Busters posted 3/30/00 Napoleonic Empires posted 3/13/00 Fantasy Heroes posted 3/10/00 Devastators posted 3/2/00 Air Fare posted 3/1/00 War Fair posted 2/28/00 Champion Chess posted 2/22/00 Midway posted 2/14/00 Duel of Iron posted 1/30/00 Imperious posted 1/24/00 Grail posted 1/5/00 Japanese Swords posted 12/23/99 Space Blast posted 12/18/99 Blitz posted 12/14/99 Wolf Pack posted 12/4/99 Egypt posted 11/25/99 Sherwood posted 11/23/99 Alien Empires posted 11/12/99 Warbah posted 10/24/99 Star Fiefs posted 10/20/99 Squad posted 10/14/99 Flower Power posted 10/9/99 Guild Master posted 10/8/99 Space Base Posted 10/8/99 Colonizers & Planetismals retired 9/27/99 Zulu Spears posted (Check out the link at the bottom of the page) 9/25/99 Combat Dice posted 9/18/99 Terrible Tales posted 9/17/99 March on Rome posted 9/6/99 Mobsters posted 8/30/99 Cards of War posted 8/27/99 Fall of the Aztecs posted 8/26/99 Green Plastic Massacre posted 8/13/99 Primea Roleplaying posted 8/5/99 Revolution posted 8/3/99 Warrior Races of Mars posted 8/1/99 Agea posted 7/15/99 Gerrymandering posted 7/4/99 Durable Goods, Stellar Poker, Wargammon Posted 6/28/99 Swords & Spells posted 6/16/99 Superhero Slugfest posted (Check out the link at the bottom of the page) 5/23/99 Treasure Hunter posted 5/16/99 Enclave posted 5/10/99 Colonizers posted 4/21/99 Fix up web site 3/24/99 Spellfire common rules posted 2/22/99 Attrition posted 2/17/99 Galax posted 2/14/99 War for Atlantis posted 2/4/99 Grand Tour posted 1/31/99 Deity posted 1/19/99 GW3000 posted 1/9/99 Battle Royale posted Games I've played the most: (Not necessarily recently) (To be on the list I must know the rules, have played it at least twice, and play it fairly well) Solitaire Mine Sweeper Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Paranoia Talisman Magic the Gathering Tai Pei Sim City Civilization (Computer) Risk Stratego WarCraft StarCraft Diablo Heroes of Might & Magic Command & Conquer Deadlock Shogun Panzer General Fantasy General Alpha Centauri Chess Poker, Rummy, Black Jack Majhongg Backgammon All the Kings Men WarHammer 40K Mighty Empires Battlemech Settlers of Catan The Great Dalmuti Monopoly Scrabble Pente Othello Chinese Checkers Boggle Pictionary Trivial Pursuit Merchant of Venus Legend of the Five Rings Dune CCG Knights of Camelot Illuminati Nuclear War Cosmic Encounter The Awful Green Things from Outer Space The Great Khan Game Eurorails Jigsaw Puzzles Billiards Air Hockey Table Soccer Darts Bowling (A Sport?!) Skee Ball Slot Machines Pinball Arcade video games (Tetris, Break-out, Space Invaders, Pac man, Dig-dug, Rampart, Ikari Warriors, etc.) Nintendo Games (Super Mario, Trog, Bubble Bobble, Genghis Khan, etc.) Sega Genesis Games (Sonic, Star Control, Toejam, Hockey, Bomberman, etc.) Super Nintendo Games (Zelda, Populous, Burster Bros, Smash TV, Mystical Ninja, Star Fox, etc.) Nintendo 64 Games (Star Wars Shadows of the Empire) Intellivision Games (Utopia, Sea Battle, Baseball, etc.) Odyssey Games (Pick Axe Pete, etc.) (My mom threw out my old Odyssey & Intellivision video game systems) (I'm still depressed about it) Games I want to get: (But cannot find or afford) (Excuse my spelling) Tigris & Euphrates El Grande Wadjet Vinci Homeworld Dune (Out of print Avalon Hill board game) Any number of 'German' games Game Designers Notes: -Space Base replaces Planetismals & Colonizers. Took the best part of Colonizers, improved it and put it in Space Base. What was left was generic combat & research systems, so I retired it. Planetismals was a logistic mess. I'll redo it as a space trading game. -Warbah, Archmagi, Wizards & Warlords, Fantasy Heroes: Variations on a theme. Please send spurious remarks to Return to Warp Spawn Games Homepage