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"The Universe is Mine! Mine! All Mine I tell you!"  
				----Lord Phallius, Space Tyrant----

Draw 10 Planets indicated by circles. Devise names for all the planets.
Make each circle large enough to hold a dozen or more chits.
The terms: Planet, World, and System are interchangeable.

Each player starts with a base on one loyal world and 7 random Unit chits in his reserve pile.
All other worlds are neutral.

All Worlds loyal to your side at the end of the turn, or
Elimination of all of your opponents units from the board.

Assassin	EP	Kill (Public Personality)-3
Security	PP	Kill (Espionage Personality)-3; Deploy Personality-3
Star Cruiser	M	Transport Troops; Attack Cruiser-3; Blockade; Bombardment-3
Troops	        M	Attack (Troops, Rebels, Base)-4; Control World-3; Subdue Uprising-4
Diplomat	PP	Incite uprising-3; Control World-3; Deploy Personality-4
Agent		EP	Surveillance, Spy-4; Deploy (Personality, Rebels)-3
Sabateur	EP	Sabotage (Military unit)-4
Governor	PP	Recruit (1 chit); Deploy (Personality, Troops)-5; Subdue Uprising-3
Rebel Leader	EP	Deploy (Rebels)-5; Incite uprising-4
Rebels		M	Attack (Troops or Base)-3, Incite uprising-3; Deploy Rebels-4
Base		MI	Deploy (Troops, Star Cruiser, Installation)-5
Force Field	MI	Planet Immune to Bombardment
Ion Gun	        MI	Attack Star Cruiser-3
Loyal World	---	Recruit (1 chit); Deploy Base-4; Deploy Personality-4
Worlds are part of the Map.
TYPES: PP = Public Personality Unit; EP= Espionage Personality; M = Military Unit; 
MI = Military Installation

1-Recruit Phase
2-Blockade Phase
3-Surveillance Phase
4-Movement Phase
5-Smugglers Phase
6-Action Phase

Each player needs a set of 10 "Loyal World" counters of a color unique to that player.
Each player needs a set of 30 blank "Identification" counters of a color unique to that player.
Identify your units by placing your Identintification counters under them.

Chit Mix: Make 10 of each unit type. Force Fields & Ion guns only 5 each.
Include 1 or 2 each of each of the special chits.
When making chits write the name of the unit and an identification number #1-10.

Draw 1 chit from the recruit pile per Loyal Planet and Governor (on a loyal planet) you control.
Only 1 governor per planet gets this benefit.
These chits go into your reserve pile.
Neutral worlds and worlds with uprisings do not recruit chits.
You can have a maximum of 7 chits in your reserve before you must discard back to the recruit pile. 

Star cruisers may declare they are blockading the world they currently orbit.

This is where spies earn their keep. Spies have two different actions they can take:
Use a Spy to observe-4  1D6 chits in opponents reserve pile.
Observe-4 means that the observation succeedes on a roll of 1-4 on D6.
Use a Spy to observe-4 an enemy unit. If successful,
The controlling player must declare that units' movement orders immediately.

All players write down movement orders for all of their units.
A unit can move to any world on the map from any other world.
Blockading Cruisers may not move.
Players reveal their orders.
Example Order: Move Spy#3 to Cassiopia.
Players move their units. All movement is considered simultaneous.
Rebels and Bases do not move (Rebel Leaders may move).
Troops can only move if a Star cruiser transports them.
Example Order: Move Star cruiser #1 and Troops#2 to planet Jungla.
Units not given written orders do not move.

Every enemy personality trying to get on or off a blockaded world must roll D6.
On a roll of 1-2 they are destroyed.

Conduct all the actions on one planet before moving to the next.
Go in Alphabetical order by planet.
Players with units on the World take turns.
In a turn, one unit takes one action.
The Player with more units in the System goes first.
Blockading Cruisers may not do any further actions.

All actions are written in the form: Action-X
For example: Sabotage-3
This means the sabotage action is successful on a roll of 1-3 on D6.
Sabotage-4 means the sabotage action is successful on a roll of 1-4 on D6

Actions can only be taken against units in the same system.
A unit may only undertake one of the following actions if the action is 
listed in the units description.

Deploy 		        Put target chit from your reserve pile into same system
Attack	 		Roll D6: on 1-3 Target Destroyed; on 4-6 Target Disrupted	
Kill 			Roll D6: on 1-3 Target Destroyed; on 4-6 Target Wounded	
Sabotage 		Roll D6: on 1-3 Target Destroyed; on 4-6 Target Disrupted
Bombardment 	        Target Military Units; Roll D6: on 1-3 Target Destroyed; on 4-6 Target Disrupted
Heal			Remove a Wounded result from personality. All personalities have Heal-3
Repair			Remove a Disrupted result from unit. All nonpersonality units have Repair-3
Incite Uprising	        The world becomes Uncontrolled and Hostile to all players
			Indicate with an ‘Uprising' marker
Subdue Uprising	        Remove  ‘Uprising' marker, World becomes neutral
Control World	        Neutral world becomes loyal to your side
Spy			All further actions this turn against target of espionage are at +1 to the success roll
			For example: Kill-3 becomes Kill-4; Only 1 such bonus allowed vs target

Only one of each type of Installation can be deployed on a world.

Only Diplomats & Troops can gain the loyalty of worlds.
Once a world becomes loyal to you, put any rebels on it you control into your reserve.
You cannot Deploy rebels onto a world you control.
Betrayal- Play as an action. Gain control of target personality.
Sabotage- Play as an action. Automatic success. Any Military target.
Deploy Rebels- Play as an action. Automatic success. Any target planet. 	
Careful Planning- Personality gets an extra Action this turn.
Tactical Superiority- Military unit gets an extra Action this turn. 	
Assassination- Play as an action. Automatic success. Any target Personality.	
Quick Recovery- Play as an action. Target unit healed or repaired.		
Deploy Personality- Play as an action.  Automatic success. Any target planet.
Incite Uprising- Play as an action.  Automatic success. Any target planet.	
Subdue Uprising- Play as an action.  Automatic success. Any target planet.	
Diplomacy- Play as an action.  Automatic success. Any target neutral planet comes under your control.		
Similar to Emporex but cleaner & more elegant.
Its like getting to be both the rebels & the evil empire.

The following amazing sets were created by David Ashton:
David has also made counters and cards for Stratastar.

To view the Planet Maps at David's site:
Click here for Planets 1-5
Click here for Planets 6-10

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