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Future ground & air tactical combat rules.

Hex map with terrain features.

Units are represented by cardboard counters or chits.
Side is indicated by color.
The unit type should be indicated by a symbol or letter.
Each chit should have a unique identification number.
Unit stats can also be indicated.

1. Move Phase
2. Attacks Phase

Roll D6 low to see who moves his units first.
To board or unboard units that are being carried requires 1 move point 
from the carrying unit and the carried unit.
Aircraft may only (un)board units at an airfield hex.
Jump troops may unboard from aircraft in any hex.
VTOL can (un)board units anywhere.
Air units can end their move in any space.

A unit, at any time during the Move phase, may Tag an enemy unit 
that comes within range of its weapons.
During attack phase a unit may attack any target it tagged even if 
the target is now out of range.

All attacks are simultaneous.
Units have a number of attack dice equal to their attack rating.
Declare number of attack dice to be used against target.
Attack dice may be combined from different units.
A unit may be attacked only once per turn.
Roll a D6 for each attack die declared. 
Rolls of 1 indicate a hit.
Damage may be indicated by damage chits stacked under the unit.
A unit reduced to 0 hits is destroyed.
All units are Anti-Aircraft capable.

Infantry squad	 4      1       2     1     1      Ground	
Heavy Infantry   6      1       2     2     1      Ground          
LAV squad      	 8      3       2     2     1      Ground       
Assult Bikes     7      4       1     1     1      Ground
Attack Trikes    7      3       1     2     1      Ground
Jump Troops	 8      4	1     1     1      Ground/Air	
Light Artillery  10     3       1     3     4      Ground       
Heavy Artillery	 14     2	1     5     6      Ground		
Tanks            12     2       4     4     2      Ground
Hover Tanks      11     3       3     3     2      Ground
Vehicles         4      3	1     0     0      Ground	
Light Mech	 12     4	3     3     2      Ground	
Medium Mech	 14     3	4     4     3      Ground		
Heavy Mech	 16     2	5     5     4      Ground		
Aeromech	 14     6	2     3     2      Ground/Air		
VTOL             13     6       1     2     3      Air                            	
AeroFighter	 15     8	1     1     3      Air          
AeroBomber       13     6       1     5     0      Air			
Fortifications	 5      0	5     0     0      Ground	
Airfield         5      0       1     0     0      Ground	
Repair Facility  10     0       2     0     0      Ground       
Urban area       4      0	2     0     0      Ground	
Factory          7      0	2     0     0      Ground	
Minefield        5      0	3     0     0      Ground	
Fixed Artillery	 11     0	1     5	    6      Ground	
Orbital Gun      50     0       1     5     0      Ground         
Hovercraft	 9      5	1     2     1      Ground/Water	
Boat		 4      1	1     2     1      Water			
Ships		 10     3	2     4     2      Water		
Battleship	 20     5	4     6     6      Water		
Carrier		 15     3	3     2     2      Water	 
Orbital Lander	 25     6	3     4     4      Air/Space   

TYPE             NOTES
LAV squad      	 Light Attack Vehicles 
Jump Troops	 Jetpacks, Jetgliders
All Artillery    Mobile artillery: Cannot move & fire in same turn
Vehicle	         Wheeled or tracked		
VTOL             Also: Ornithopters, Helicopters, Jetcopters                  	
AeroFighter	 +2 Attack vs Air units		
Factory          Installation: One per hex; Same for agrifarms, minefields,
                 power generators, mines, urban area, fortifications
Airfield         Installation: One per hex; Repair Air units
Repair Facility  Installation: One per hex; Repair Ground units
Fixed Artillery	 Also: Missle, Rocket Launchers
Orbital Gun      Installation: One per hex; Attacks space units only   
Hovercraft	 Also: Hydrofoils, Amphibious vehicles		
Carrier		 May carry 6 aircraft & VTOL. 
Orbital Lander	 Jumpship; Orbit capable. Carry 6 units.

There are 9 types of terrain:
1. Clear Terrain= No modifiers; Agriculture
2. Rough Terrain= Woods, urban areas, rubble, craters, swamps, jungles.
Ground units occupying rough terrain negate a hit on a roll of 1-2 on D6.
3. Treacherous Terrain= Ravines, Mountains. 
Vehicles & Mechs cannot enter Treacherous terrain.
Infantry units occupying treacherous terrain negate hits against them on a 
roll of 1-2 on D6.
4. Shallow Water = Rivers, Lakes. The only ground units that may enter are 
Hovercraft & Mechs.
5. Deep Water = Seas, Oceans. Hovercraft only.
Jump troops may jump over water hexes.
6. Radioactive Crater- Any ground unit that enters, passes thru, or remains 
in this hex receives a hit on a roll of 1-2 on D6.
Any nonwater hex hit by a nuke becomes a radioactive crater.
7. Airfields = Aircraft may (un)board units in these hexes.
8. Installations = A building or complex with 1-3 hits. 
Often a target to satisfy victory conditions.
Factory installations generate 1 Cred per day. 
They must be supported by agricultural, power generation, mining, and 
urban hexes.
9. Fortifications = Ground units in the same hex may enter the fort or 
remain outside. The Fort takes hits before the occupants do.
10. Minefield- Any ground unit that enters or passes thru this hex 
receives a hit on a roll of 1-2 on D6.

Any number of units may occupy a hex.

All units may be equipped with one or more nukes according to the scenario.
A nuke automatically destroys every unit in the hex it attacks.
The nuke attack has the same range as the unit firing it.
Nukes cost 20 Creds. Nukes are destroyed when used.

Costs 10 Creds. Attach to any unit.
Completely absorbs one Nuke attack in same hex and is then destroyed.

Certain Installations can repair units.
The unit must start its move there and not move or attack that turn to 
repair one hit.

VTOL & Ground Units may be held in reserve in space in Drop Ships.
When needed they may be dropped onto the battlefield in one way landers 
called Drop pods.
They land in move phase during Initiative =1
Some or all of the reserve units may be dropped during a turn. 
Each has its own pod.
The unit may enter the map in any empty hex. 
Units that start the scenario in orbit cost an extra 20%.
Units cannot tag in the turn they are dropped.

An attack from orbit can target any unit in any hex on the underlying 
ground map.
Attacks are in the form of Nukes.
Orbital attacks require a Jump capable ship. 
Use OA3000 rules to purchase orbiting ships.
Ground based attacks by Orbital Guns can target any space unit in the 
overlying orbital hex.

Aeromechs, VTOL, and Aircraft only. Costs 6 Creds.
During Move phase the unit may go into orbit. Remove unit from the map.
If also playing Orbital Assault 3000 place the unit in the corresponding 
orbital hex.
On any turn following that the unit may return to the map on any hex as 
its move. The unit may start the scenario in orbit.

Give each side 200 Creds with which to buy units. Give the attacker an 
extra 50 creds.
Each side must contain at least 20 units, at least half of which must be 
ground units.
The defender may purchase up to 10 Fortifications. 
The attacker cannot buy forts.
Victory is achieved by destroying all enemy units or the Defender 
automatically wins after 20 turns.
Only the attacker may purchase orbital missile attacks & Drop pods.
Forces are set up at opposite ends of the map.

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