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Party Game. Relive the 60s or experience them for the first time.

Three six-sided die are needed.
A pawn for each player is needed.
Lots of tokens of 5 different colors are needed.

Players pawns start on the first line of the Game board List.
Roll high on the D6 to determine turn order.

On their turn a player rolls one die and moves that many lines down the list.
Each line begins with a one letter symbol:
Symbol	Experience		Token Color
S  	Sex (Love)		Red
D	Drugs			Green
R  	Rock & Roll		Blue
P  	Political Activism	Purple
A 	Self Actualization	Yellow
H  	History			None
V  	Vietnam War		None
When you land on a line take one colored token according to the type of experience.
History lines do not provide tokens.

If you land on a V line move your pawn to the first line of the second smaller list known 
as the: Vietnam War Tour of Duty List.
When you reach the end place your pawn back on the main list on the same line.
After a tour of duty when moving off the line roll three dice instead of one.

The game ends when all players have reached the end of the list.

Each player adds up all his tokens in each of the 5 types of experiences:
Sex (Love), Drugs, Rock & Roll, Political Activism, and Self Actualization
The player with the highest score in the most experiences is the winner.
Ties remain ties.

Symbol	Experience
H	Welcome to the 60's
S 	Free Love
D	Day Tripper
R	Deadhead
P	Flower Power
A	Join a Commune
H	Soviets down U-2
S 	Hippie Chick
D	Tahitian Gold
R	Yellow Submarine
P	Campus Radicalism
A	Tune in Turn on Drop out
H	Eisenhower warns of Military-Industrial complex
S 	Flower Child
D	Mary Jane
R	Woodstock
P	Publish Underground Newspaper
A	Transcendental Meditation
H	Arms Race
S 	Sexual Revolution
R	San Francisco Scene
P	Grassroots activism
A	Youth Counterculture Movement
H	Bay of Pigs
S 	Birth Control Pill
D	Score some Weed
R	Jimmi Hendrix 
P	Peace March
A	Macrobiotic Food
H	Cold War
S 	Groupies
D	Smoke Pot
R	Record Collection
P	Burn Draft Card
A	Move to Haight-Ashbury
V	Volunteer for Vietnam
S 	Find somebody to Love
D	Psychedelic
R	Hi-Fi
P	Support the Black Panthers
A	Watch 2001
H	Shepard launched into space
S 	Soul Mate
D	Mushroom Tea
R	8 Track Player
P	Civil Rights Demonstration
A	Watch Easy Rider
H	Marilyn Monroe dies 
S 	Quickie
D	Brownies
R	The Doors
P	Sit-in at Greensboro
A	Peace Symbol
H	John Glenn in orbit
S 	Wild, Naked, & Free
D	Roll a Joint 
R	Janice Joplin
P	Join the NAACP
A	Read Silent Spring
H	First Communications Satellite
S 	Casual Sex
D	Bong
R	The Who
P	Non-violent Protest
A	Join the Peace Corps
H	Cuban Missile Crisis
S 	Tantric Sex    
D	Dr. Timothy Leary
R	The Rolling Stones
P	Meet Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
A	Road Trip across America
H	"Ich bin ein Berliner"
S 	Computer dating
D	Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
R	Monterey Pop Festival
P	Race Riots
A	Hitch-hike across America
V	Drafted into Vietnam
S 	Wham-Bam Thank you Ma'am
D	Overdose
R	Dance on American Bandstand
P	Congress of Racial Equality
A	Study Eastern Philosophy
H	"I have a dream"
H	Manson Murders
S 	Inter-racial Sex
D	Hash
R	Bob Dylan 
P	Campaign for JFK
A	Convert to Buddhism
H	Johnson Administration
S 	Masters & Johnson
D	Cocaine
R	Folk music scene
P	Seat on the Freedom Ride 
A	Brainwashed by Cult
H	Kennedy Slain
S 	Summer of Love
D	Mescaline
R	British Invasion
P	Campaign for Goldwater
A	Write Great American Novel
H	Malcom X assassinated
S 	Long Hair
D	Bad Trip
R	Motown
P	Free Speech Movement
A	Write Radical Poetry
H	Cassius Clay knocks out Sonny Liston
S 	Co-ed Dorms
D	Dealer
R	Mamas and the Papas
P	Protest at Berkeley
A	Pop Art Influence
H	Medicare signed in
S 	Be-in orgy
D	Pusher
R	Buffalo Springfield
P	Anti-War Protest
A	Burn your Bra
H	Martin Luther King Murdered
S 	Mini-skirts
D	Opium
R	Age of Aquarius
P	Join Greenpeace
A	Campus Intellectuals
H	Neil Armstrong on Moon
S 	Go-Go Dancers
D	Hallucinations
R	Jefferson Airplane
P	Join National Organization of Women
A	Yoga
H	Chicago Seven
S 	Body Painting
D	Addiction
R	Join a Rock & Roll Band
P	March on the Pentagon
A	Make your own Tie Dye
S 	Mrs. Robinson
R	The Monkees
P	Takeover Columbia University
A	Underground Comix
S 	Sex & the Single Girl
R	The Times they are a Changin
P	Become Union Organizer
A	Read Feminine Mystique
S	Sexually Transmitted Disease
H	Welcome to the 70's

Symbol	Experience		
A 	Boot Camp
A	Vietcong
H	Gulf of Tonkin Crisis
H	Operation Rolling Thunder
H	Operation Star Light
A	Mekong Delta
A	Search & Destroy
S	Me love you long time
H	Bomb Hanoi
H	Operation Cedar Falls
H	Operation Junction City
D	Agent Orange
A	On Point
H	Khesanh
H	Tet Offensive
H	Saigon
A	Massacre at Mai Lai
P	Purple Heart
A	Shell Shock
R	Shipped Home

Feel free to add to or to change the lists.

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