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Players take the roles of rival Noble Houses in a war to control a 
neutral space sector.  

Lortran		Homeworld	5	Psychic Veterans, House Troops
Gurati		Homeworld	5	Anthrosynthetic Berserkers, Cyborg- 
                                        Commandos, House Troops
Kadesh		Homeworld	5	Fanatics, Warrior Priests, House Troops	
Nitrix		Homeworld	5	Suicide Squads, House Troops	
Quayat 		Desert		1	Desert Warriors		
Parallax 	Industrial	3	Nukes & Jumpships	
Mercurium 	Mining		3	Nukes & Miners- Defenders	
Frost 		Ice		1	Ice Barbarians		
Computus 	Machine	        3	Robot Death Machines	
Bolavor 	Jungle		2	Jungle Fighters	
Aquara		Ocean		1	Sea Monsters- Defenders		
Punah		Pleasure	3	Amazonians
Griddox		Prison		1	Prison Soldiers					
Yoravar		Shipyard	4	Jumpships (cost 4 each)				
Zenceti		Alien Ruins	1	Psychic Natives- Defenders			
Eden		Church		2	Solar Templars		
Mox		Gem		4	Miners- Defenders						
Hellish		Radioactive	2	Subterranean Mutants & Nukes			
Dalton		Research	1	Transhuman Supersoldiers & Nukes
Bazarium	Commerce	3	Mercenaries & Jumpships				
Seedeen		Hive World	2	Imperial Conscripts					
Pyreen		Pacifist	1	Diplomacy					
Scorch		Volcanic	1	Nukes & Lava Projectors- Defenders	
Marx		Clone		1	Clone Soldiers	

Sisteria		Noble Action = 1	
Emporex		        2 Imperial Centurions &	Diplomacy = 1
Mercenary Guild		4 Mercenaries		
Imperial Navy		3 Jumpships
Spacing Guild		2 Jumpships & Income =1
Church of Mankind	Diplomacy = 2
Mercantile Consortium	Income = 2
Imperial Beaurocracy    Strategic Planning =1
Black Market		2 Nuclear Arsenals & Income = 1  
Imperial Secret Police	2 Imperial Death Squads & Assassination = 1 
Colonial Council	1 Colonial Ranger & Diplomacy = 1  
5th Sector Rebels	3 Rebels & Sabotage = 1  
Surgeons of Silex	Recruit Noble =1 & Income = 1
Discordian Heretics	4 Heretics
Imperial Aristocracy	Noble Action= 1 or Recruit Noble =1
Rimspace Pirates	2 Pirates
Imperial Army		3 Imperial Shock Troops

Allies represent galactic powers that will become involved in the 
conflicts between Noble houses. Income will be collected every turn 
in production phase. Army, jumpship, and arsenal units will be 
stationed on the players homeworld in setup. Other benefits imitate 
Noble actions and can be used once per turn. 

Noble			-	+1	Psychic; Gives First Strike
Jumpships		6	-	Transport 3 Armies &/or Nukes
Nuclear Arsenal(Nukes)	5	5	One use. Can be used vs. Jumpships
AD = Attack Dice

House Troops			2	1	+1 When Defending
Psychic Veterans		4	2	Lortran;  Negate 1 Psychic 
                                                attack on roll of 1-3 on D6
Anthrosynthetic Berserkers	5	2	Gurati; +2 When Attacking
Cyborg Commandos		4	2	Gurati; First Strike When 
Kadesh Fanatics			1	1	Kadesh; Sacrifice for +1
Kadesh Warrior Priests		5	2	Kadesh; Psychic
Nitrix Suicide Squads		3	2	Nitrix; Sacrifice for +2		
Desert Warriors			5	3	+1 & First Strike When 
                                                Defending Quayat
Ice Barbarians			3	2	+1 & First Strike When 
                                                Defending Frost
Jungle Fighters			1	1	+1 & First Strike When 
                                                Defending Bolavor
Prisoner Soldiers		1	2	Before battle roll 1D6. 
                                                On 1-2 they escape.
Subterranean Mutants		4	1	Psychic; First Strike When 
Solar Templars			7	3	Psychic
Amazonians			5	3		
Robot Death Machines		7	4		
Clone Soldiers			1	1		
Colonial Rangers		7	2	Self Transport		
Imperial Shock Troops		6	3	+1 When Attacking
Imperial Centurions		3	1	+2 when Defending
Imperial Death Squads		4	1	+1 & First Strike When 
Imperial Conscripts		1	1
Rimspace Pirates		4	1	Self Transport
Discordian Heretics		1	1	Sacrifice for +1
Transhuman Supersoldiers	5	4	Before battle roll 1D6. 
                                                On 1-2 they all join opponent.
Mercenaries			2	2	Pay them 1 Mega Credit to 
Rebel Freedom Fighters		4	2	First Strike When Attacking 
                                                +1 vs Imperial units
Sea Monsters			5	4	Defenders
Miners 				1	2	Defenders
Psychic Natives			1	1	Psychic; Defenders
Lava Projectors			3	3	Defenders

Attack Dice- The unit rolls this many D6 in battle. Every roll of 1 
destroys one opposing unit of the defenders choice.

Psychic- When in battle this unit rolls on the Psychic Attacks Table 
to potentially get additional attack dice.

Jumpships- The only way to get around. A jumpship can carry up to 3 
nuclear arsenals/army units and any number of Nobles. Jumpships 
have a maximum range of 3 hexes. They must begin and end their 
movement in a planetary system. If destroyed, all on board are also 

Nobles- The leaders of a House. An army unit commanded by a Noble 
gets +1 Attack Dice and First strike. If the unit is destroyed in 
battle, the Noble is too, if there are no other friendly armies remaining.

Self Transport- These units have their own jumpships. If they are 
destroyed their jumpships are also lost. They cannot transport other
troops or Nukes.

First Strike- These units roll their Attack dice before the other 
units. All first strike dice are rolled simultaneously. And then all 
other attacks are rolled simultaneously.

Defenders- These units cannot leave their planet of origin.

Cost- The cost in income to purchase the unit. Units of income are 
called ‘Solats'.

Nuclear Arsenals- ‘Nukes' can be launched from jumpships or the 
ground. They can target armies or a single jumpship. Once used they 
are destroyed.

1D6	Attack Dice	Affect
1-3	0		Negligible
4	1		Psionic Blast
5	2		Telekenetic Maelstrom
6	3		Molecular Disruption
1- INITIATIVE- Roll high on 1D6 to determine who goes first. 
2- PRODUCTION- Collect Income from all worlds and allies
3- UPKEEP- Pay 1 Income per 10 ships, arsenals, and armies you control
4- RECRUIT NOBLES- Roll 1D6.  One noble recruited on a roll of 1. 
Some allies allow additional rolls. 
5- RECRUIT TROOPS- One unit can be purchased on each world per turn & two
from Homeworlds. Extra troops/ships/nukes from Allies may be purchased on a 
players Homeworld.
6- MOVEMENT- Jumpships can move up to 3 Hexes. They must land in a 
7- NUCLEAR EXCHANGE- Occurs between enemy units in the same system. 
Attack Dice from Nuclear arsenals are rolled simultaneously by both sides.
8- BATTLE- First strike attacks are resolved first & then all other 
attacks.  This is repeated until one or both sides are eliminated. 
If all units are killed the defender remains in control of the planet.   
10- PLANET CONTROL- Take control of any planet you have armies on.

Any number of units may occupy the same hex. Battles occur when 
enemy units occupy the same hex. 

A Noble that did not move or fight this turn may take a Noble Action action. 
Noble actions are successful on a roll of 1 on D6. 
Some Allies can do Noble Actions. 
Nobles do not have to be in the same system as their target.

* Diplomacy: Take control of target World that has no enemy armies on it.
* Assassination: Target noble killed. A player may only make two 
assassination attempts per turn.
* Intrigue: Take control of target ally. If the ally provided armies or ships, 
you gain control of these. Only one intrigue attempt per turn.
* Sabotage: Destroy target army, jumpship, or arsenal.
* Govern: Income of world + 1; Automatic success. 
* Strategic Planning: Automatic success. +1 or -1 to Initiative roll next turn.

Use a 10 x 10 hex grid. Homeworlds will be located in the corners. 
Distribute the other 20 worlds by using the D10 to determine the 
coordinates. Only one world per hex. For additional ‘terrain' 
distribute Nebulas, blackholes, and supernovas. Jumpships cannot 
travel through these obstacles.  Other terrain can include Imperial 
jump stations and Star systems with no planets. These spaces can be 
jumped to but they cannot be controlled and they provide no resources. 
Another possibility are Stargates that allow instant travel between 
distant regions of the map. Use ‘chits' or counters to represent 
units such as armies and jumpships. 

Each player begins with:
1 Homeworld
3 Nobles
3 House Troops
3D6 Solats
Any 2 Armies unique to that homeworld
1 Nuclear Arsenal
2 Jumpships
X Random Allies: 8 in a 2 player game, 5 with 3 players, 4 in a 4 player.

Control every planet on the map.

Larger maps, Specific scenarios, Jumpships move 4, Higher upkeep costs...

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