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Card game.  Players use cards to construct a dragon and provide it with treasure. 

The deck contains 68 cards:
2 White Heads
2 White Bodies
2 White Tails
2 White Wings
2 Green Heads
2 Green Bodies
2 Green Tails
2 Green Wings
2 Black Heads
2 Black Bodies
2 Black Tails
2 Black Wings
2 Blue Heads
2 Blue Bodies
2 Blue Tails
2 Blue Wings
2 Red Heads
2 Red Bodies
2 Red Tails
2 Red Wings
2 Gold Heads
2 Gold Bodies
2 Gold Tails
2 Gold Wings
4 Dragon Slayers
2 Maidens
8 Gold Treasures
4 Gem Treasures
2 Dragon Eggs

1- Shuffle deck.
2- One player is chosen as the dealer (Dragon Master).
3- Players ante in.
4- The Dragon Master deals out 7 cards to each player 
Cards are dealt face down unless house rules state otherwise.
Play starts with the player to the DM's left and proceeds clockwise
5- In turn each player may discard up to 6 cards and receive replacement cards.
6- Players may now, in turn, raise the ante (Dragon Rage).
Other players must match the raise or drop out.
7- In turn, If a player has a Dragon Slayer he must discard it to cause his 
opponent to discard a random card from his hand.
8- Players reveal their hands. The hand worth the most points wins.
If tied, players split the pot (Dragon Council). 

Heads, bodies, tails, and wings are used to construct Dragons.
Dragon eggs are wild cards and can be used as any color body part.
Serpent (Head & Tail)					1
Beast (Head & Body)					1
2 Serpents or 2 Beasts (Bookends)			2
Winged Serpent (No Body)				2
Tailess Dragon (No Tail)				2
Wingless Dragon (No Wings)				2
Bastard Dragon (2 or 3 Colors)			        3
Wyrm (No body & 2 Tails)				3
Chromatic Dragon (4 Colors)				4
White Dragon						5
Green Dragon						6
Black Dragon						7
Blue Dragon						8
Red Dragon						9
Gold Dragon						10
Hydra (6 Heads & 1 Body)				12

If a player has one of the combos above, he can earn extra points if his hand contains treasure cards:
Gold Treasure						1 per 2 cards
Gem Treasure						1 per card
Maiden						        2 (one card max)
Dragon Eggs						1 per card if not used as a body part		 

Use 5 card hand size instead of  7 cards.
Play it like Gin Rummy instead of Poker.
Add more combos (Example: The two headed serpent).

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