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The larger Interstellar warships go by many categorical names: 
Dreadnaughts, Battlers, Star Cruisers, and of course, Devastators. 
Each player controls a Devastator, or ship, represented by his deck.
Play pits Devastator vs Devastator.
Run out your opponents deck to destroy his ship. 

The full Deck contains over 100 cards as described in the Card List.
Before playing the first time, the deck will have to be constructed. 
The backs of all the cards are the same, the front should have the 
name of the card and its effect written out.

Have the last remaining Devastator.
When all of your opponents cards are in his Destroyed pile, you
have eliminated him from the game.

Shuffle the full deck and deal each player an equal number of cards face down.
These smaller decks for each player are called Draw Piles or Systems decks.
A System deck represents all the weapon and defense systems on the players ship.
Each player draws 5 cards from his system deck.
Determine turn order by any convenient method.
All ships begin at Long Range from each other.

Each player has two discard piles:
The Destroyed pile and the Reuse pile.

Draw Phase
Move Phase
Launch Phase
Attack Phase
Defense Phase
Damage Phase

Draw two cards from your Systems Deck.
If there are ever no cards left in your systems deck, shuffle your Reuse Pile, which
becomes your Systems deck.
You may have a maximum of 8 cards in your hand. 
Excess cards go to your Reuse pile. 
Rule of thumb: Cards you play immediately go to your reuse pile.
Cards lost to damage go to your destroyed pile.
If all of your cards are in the destroyed pile you lose.

You may discard one Thruster card from your hand to your Reuse pile to move 
your ship one step closer to or farther away from an opponents ship.
The Range Steps are:
Short Range ▀Ó Medium Range▀Ó Long Range
Keep a record of the ranges between all ships.

You may launch a Fighter card.
The Fighter card is placed face up in front of you, and remains there
until an opponent destroys it.

You may play attack cards to attack enemy ships at the appropriate range.
One attack card per target devastator.
The attack card lists its range.
For example: you can only use a Torpedo to attack at long range.
The attack card is played from your hand , and is discarded to your Reuse pile.
Your fighters may always attack.
You may attack an enemy fighter with attack card of any range.
Fighters may also attack other fighters.
When attacking a fighter your opponent must discard the top card of his draw 
pile into his reuse pile. If the drawn card is a thruster or armor card the fighter evades. 
A thruster or armor card may also be played from the hand to save a fighter.
Any other type of card means the fighter is discarded to his owners Destroyed pile.

If you attacked, your opponent may play a Thruster card to evade the attack. 
The attack will do no damage. This is known as an evasion.
Your opponent may also play one of the more specialized defense cards that will
negate an attack of a specific type.
Your opponent may play a Point Defense card to automatically destroy 
one of your attacking fighters.
Played cards are discarded to that players Reuse pile.
If destroyed, your fighter is discarded to your Destroyed pile.

Attack cards not evaded or negated will do damage to your opponents ship.
Each Attack card lists a numerical damage value. 
Fighter attacks do one point of Damage.
Your opponent discards a number of cards from his hand and/or from the top of his
Draw pile (his choice) equal to the damage inflicted.
These cards go to his destroyed pile.
An Armor card, if discarded from hand or deck, soaks up all the remaining damage, and 
no further cards are discarded.
You may play the Critical hit and Nuclear warhead cards to increase the amount of damage 
done by the attack.

#	Name			Affect
25	Thrusters		Evade or change range one step
12	Armor			Absorbs one Attack and is then Destroyed
3	Plasma Projector		Beam Attack, Short Range, Damage = 4
4	Laser Turret		Beam Attack, Medium Range, Damage = 2
4	Particle Beam		Beam Attack, Long Range, Damage = 3
4	Autocannon		Projectile Attack, Short Range, Damage = 3
3	Rail Gun		Projectile Attack, Medium Range, Damage = 4
4	Meson Gun		Projectile Attack, Long Range, Damage = 2
4	Rocket Salvo		Missile Attack, Short Range, Damage = 2
4	Missile Launch		Missile Attack, Medium Range, Damage =3
3	Torpedo			Missile Attack, Long Range, Damage = 4
4	Fighter			Any Range, Attack Damage = 1/Turn until destroyed
2	Targeting Computer	Negates an Evasion made by an opponent
2	Nuclear Warhead		Successful Missile Attack does an additional 5 points of damage
2	Critical Hit		Successful Attack does an additional 3 points of damage
2	Jammer			Defense: Negate all Missile attacks this turn
4	Point Defense		Defense: Destroy Fighter or Negate one Missile attack this turn
4	Deflectors		Defense: Negate all Projectile attacks this turn
4	Sand Caster		Defense: Negate all Beam attacks this turn
4	Damage Control		Put one random card from your destroyed pile into your hand
2	Battle Computer		Play in your draw phase to draw an additional 3 cards
2	Tactics			Play in launch phase. Opponent must discard 3 cards to his reuse pile
2	Electronic Warfare	Play in opponents launch phase. He may not attack you this turn.
# = the number of that card in the deck.

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