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Players control opposing colonies on the same planetoid

Use a 10 x 10 hex grid map
Use counters (or chits) to represent structures & units
Ten & twenty sided dice required

30 Rock              Barren, no resources
30 Ice               Includes organics
20 Metal             Iron, aluminum, and others
20 Radioactives      Uranium and other fissionable isotopes

Mines		2		1 Ice, Metal, or Radioactives
Agridomes	4		Transform 1 Ice into 1 Food
Colonies	8		Base Population range = 2
Factories	6		Build units	
Power Plants 	6		Base Energy range = 2	
Forts		4		Base Attack range = 2; Attack dice = 1
Research	4		1 Research roll

Survey Teams		2		2		Survey same hex
Construction Crews	4		1		Build structure in same hex	
Military Units	        6		3		Attack range = 1; Attack dice = 1

Players start on opposite ends of the map
Each player starts with 30 Metals, 30 Food, and 20 Radioactives
Each player starts with one Power plant and one Colony
Each player starts with one Survey team and one Construction crew

1 Production	
2 Upkeep		
3 Movement			
4 Attack				
5 Survey
6 Construction			
7 Research
8 Trade

Mines excavate one unit of ice, metal, or radioactives depending on their terrain
Agridomes transform one unit of ice into one unit of food
Materials not used up are stored from turn to turn
Record production on scrap paper

Power plants use up one unit of radioactives each or they become inactive
Colonies consume one unit of food (per unit of range) each or they become inactive 
Any structure (except a power plant) not within range of an active power plant becomes inactive
Any structure (except a colony) not within range of an active colony becomes inactive

Units may move up to their maximum move rate
Any number of units may occupy the same space

Combine all attack dice vs target unit or structure
Use ten sided dice
Roll dice to determine attack total
Roll defense dice for target
All units have a base defense dice = 1
Forts have a base defense dice = 2
If attack total is higher than defense total the target is destroyed 
Every attack uses up one unit of radioactives

This function is performed by a Survey team in an unsurveyed hex 
Draw a terrain chit. This is the terrain type of the hex

A Factory may build one unit
Construction crews may build structures
All costs are in units of Metal
A hex may contain only one structure

Roll 1D10 for each research facility
On a roll of 1 the research is successful
If successful roll once on the research table

1d20	Advance
1	Delivery Systems: +1 range to attacks by military units and forts
2	Firepower: +1 attack die to military units and forts
3	Shielding: +1 defense die to military units and forts
4	Energy Technology: Energy Range of power plants +1 space
5	Life Support: Population Range of colonies +1 space
6	Mining Technology: Metal Mines extract +1 unit of Metal per turn
7	Mining Technology: Radioactive Mines extract +1 unit of Radioactives per turn
8	Mining Technology: Ice Mines extract +1 unit of Ice per turn
9	Manufacturing: +1 unit may be built per turn by Factories 
10      Agriculture: Agridomes transform +1 unit of Ice into one unit of Food per turn
11      Transportation: Units Move +1 Space
12+	Pick one

Players may trade resources, territories, and structures

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