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Shuffle the cards. There is one common deck and one discard pile.
One player is the Axis, the other is the Allies.
Each player starts the game with 3 territory tokens.
Play proceeds in a series of rounds. 
At the beginning of a round each player gets dealt 10 cards.
During the round players take turns deploying one card at a time.
The Allies go first.
A deployed card is played face up on the table.
The turns continue until all cards have been deployed.
Each card has a force value.
The side at the end of the round with the highest Force total on the table wins the round.
Each card is of one or more types. The types include:
Infantry, Intelligence, Sea, Air, Tank, Artillery, Mine, and Fortification.
Some cards have the KILL ability, followed by what type of cards they can kill.
When deployed a kill card causes an enemy card of a type it can destroy to be discarded.
If there are no targets then the opportunity to cause a discard is wasted.
Discarded cards do not count towards a players force total.
Some cards have other abilities which are conducted as soon as the card is deployed.
The winner of a round takes a territory token from his opponent.
The first player in possession of all six tokens wins the game.
If you run out of cards shuffle the discards back into the deck.

1	Commandos		3	Inf/Int		Fort
2	Veterans		4	Inf
3	Minefield		1	Mine		Inf/Tank
4	Radio                   3       Int				Look at opponents hand
5	Convoy			2	Sea				Draw one card
6	Coastal Guns		4	Art/Fort	Sea
7	Paratroopers         	3       Inf/Air
8	Recon Plane		2	Int/Air                         Look at opponents hand
9	Grunts             	3       Inf
10	Bazooka			1	Inf		Tank		
11	Diplomat		5	Int
12 	Destroyers		3	Sea		Sub
13	Code Breaker		3	Int		Int
14	Tank Buster		1	Art		Tank
15	Field Battery		4	Art
16	Carpet Bombing		6	Air
17	Howitzers		5	Art
18	Long Range Bombers	5	Air
19	Marines			5	Inf/Sea
20	Blitzkrieg		6	Tank		Art
21 	Light Tank		2	Tank
22	Radar			3	Int		Air
23	Pill Box		2	Fort/Inf	Inf
24	Secret Agent		2	Int				Look at opponents hand
25	Carrier			8	Sea
26	Machine Gunner		4	Inf		Inf
27	V2 Rocket		3	Air/Art	
28	Counter Espionage	3	Int		Int
29	Medium Tank		3	Tank	
30	Mechanized Infantry	3	Inf/Tank
31	Heavy Tank		6	Tank
32	Combat Engineers	2	Inf		Fort/Mines
33	Mortar			3	Art/Inf
34	Bunker			2	Fort
35	Self Propelled Guns	4	Tank/Art
36	Submarine		5	Sub		Sea
37	Anti-Aircraft Guns	1	Art		Air
38	Battleship		5	Sea
39	Cruiser			4	Sea	
40	Torpedo Plane		1	Air		Sea
41	Bombing Run		3	Air		Art
42	Armored Patrol Car	2	Int/Tank			Look at opponents hand
43	Five Star General	7	Int
44	Fighter Squad		3	Air		Air
45	Strafing run		1	Air		Inf
46	Dive Bomber		2	Air		Tank
47	Gliders			3	Air/Inf
48	Amphibious  landing	5	Sea/Inf
49	Kamikaze		1	Air		Sea
50	Air drops		2	Air				Draw one card
51	Fighter Ace		1	Air		Air
52	PT boat			1	Sea		Sea
53	Partizans		2	Inf
54	Propaganda		4	Int
55      Reserves                2       Int                             Draw one card

Players will have to make their own set of cards.
Players are welcome to design new types of cards in addition to the 55 listed above.

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