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Backgammon variant on a circular board with cards and a sci-fi theme.
One player is the Terran Defense Force.
The other player is the Evil Empire.

The first player to occupy all four planet spaces is the winner.

The board is in the shape of a circular track.
The circle is divided into 28 spaces also known as sectors.
One space represents Planet Earth. (Space #1)
The opposite space is Planet X, home of the Evil Empire. (Space #15)
Moving clockwise from Earth, Space #8 is the Planet Nimrod.
Moving clockwise from Planet X, Space #22 is the Planet Cygnus-7.
All other spaces are known as Deep-Space sectors.
The deck and  the discard pile (the vortex) can be kept in the interior of the circle.
Also in the interior there is an area called the scrap heap where 
destroyed units are kept.

Each side has 15 pieces or units.
Make them using cardboard counters (or chits).
Use blue chits for the Terran Defense Force units.
Use red chits for the Evil Empire units.
Chits should be marked with their force value, a number between 1 and 5.

Each player starts with 5 cards.
Each player puts all 15 of his units on his homeworld.

Players alternate turns.
The player whose turn it is, is known as the attacker, the other player is the defender.
The Evil Empire goes first.
Each turn has 5 phases:
1. Draw Phase
2. Roll Phase
3. Build Phase
4. Move Phase
5. Fight Phase

Draw two cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and continue.
Base maximum hand size = 6.
Discard excess cards.
Max hand size +1 if you control Nimrod.
Max hand size +1 if you control Cygnus-7.
Max hand size -2 if you are not in control of your Homeworld.

Roll two six sided dice (2D6).
Cards can be used to modify these dice rolls.

If a player rolls doubles (two sixes, snake-eyes, etc.) he may place one of his destroyed
units back into play onto his homeworld (Earth or Planet X). 
He may only do this if he currently occupies (controls) his homeworld by having
one or more of his units on his homeworld space. 
The player still uses the die rolls for movement.

As in backgammon, move one or two of your units a number of spaces indicated by the dice.
Both dice can be assigned to one unit, or each die roll can be assigned to two different units.
Die rolls (from roll phase) must be used.
Terran units move clockwise.
Evil Empire units move counterclockwise. 
A unit cannot use the second die if, as a result of its first roll, it lands on a space containing enemy units.
Cards can be used to modify which units move and by how much.
Played cards are discarded.
Rolling doubles does not allow you to move four times as in normal backgammon rules.

Each unit has a force value. See the Unit Lists.
If a space contains opposing units there will be a fight.
Each side adds up the force value of all of its units present to get a force total.
The attacker may play attack cards to increase his total.
The defender may play defense cards to increase his total.
Played cards are discarded.
The higher total wins.
All units of the loser are destroyed and sent to the scrap heap.
The winner keeps units with a total force value equal to the difference between the
winning and losing sides force totals.
The winner always keeps at least one unit.
For example: Winner = 7, loser = 5, difference = 2. The winner may keep units with a total
force value of 2 or less, or any one unit, even if it has a force value greater than 2.

#	Force	Unit Name	
1	5	Sol-1		
2	4	Stellar Navy
3	3	Space Marines
4	2	Solar Scouts
5	1	Planetary Patrol 
# = Number of units (chits) of this type.
Sol-1: Flagship of the Terran Defense Force. Commanded by the heroic Captain Stark Raving. 
Stellar Navy: Two main fleets of battlecarriers, and their escorts. 
Space Marines: Three battle groups of zero-g power armor commando troops and their heavily armed transports.
Solar Scouts: Also called the Space Rangers. Squads of fast, stealthy ships for reconnaissance and ambush. 
Planetary Patrol: Also called the Star Guard. Local law enforcement and rescue operations. Armed to deal with  
pirates and criminals. Also includes a variety of ships pressed into military service.

#	Force	Unit Name	
1	5	Vindicator 
2	4	Star Cruisers
3	3	Imperial Enforcers
4	2	Robot Drones
5	1	Clone Troopers
Vindicator: Personal Dreadnought of Emperor Phlebotamus.
Star Cruisers: Massive Hulks bristling with armor and weapons and filled with divisions of elite shocktroops.
Imperial Enforcers: An unsavory lot of alien mercenaries, cyborg bounty hunters, and mutant raiders.
Robot Drones: An assortment of probes, androids, drone ships, and death machines.
Clone Troopers: Swarms of expendable ground troops and space fighters. Best for terrorizing civilians.

Card Name			Notes
Ion Thrusters			Add +1 to one die roll
Warp Overdrive			Add +2 to one die roll
Maximum Burn			Add +3 to one die roll
Hyper Jump			Roll one additional die in Roll Phase
Strategic Move			Use one die roll to move all units in one space
Space Combat Tactics		Use one die roll to move backwards
Defend the Homeworld	 	Move target unit directly to your homeworld
Hold Position			Do not use one die roll
Battle Computers		Cause one of your die rolls to be rerolled
Continuous Wave Laser		Attacker +1 Force
Plasma Generator		Attacker +2 Force
Disruptor cannon		Attacker +3 Force
Antimatter Missiles 		Attacker +4 Force
Nova Bomb			Attacker +5 Force
Surprise Attack			Attacker +1D6 Force
Plasteel Armor			Defender +1 Force. Play on opponents turn.
Electronic Countermeasures	Defender +2 Force. Play on opponents turn.
Inertial Force Field		Defender +3 Force. Play on opponents turn.
Evasive Maneuver		Defender +4 Force. Play on opponents turn.
Ablative Energy Shields		Defender +5 Force. Play on opponents turn.
Ambush				Defender +1D6 Force. Play on opponents turn.
Espionage			Look at opponents hand. Play on opponents draw phase.
Jam Transmission		Target enemy unit cannot move this turn. Play on opponents turn. 
Reinforcements			Rebuild one extra destroyed unit in build phase.
Major Offensive			Discard 2 cards and take another turn.
Notes: Unless specified otherwise, all cards target your own units during your own turn.
When making the deck include two of each card.

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