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2-6 player Bidding Card Game.
Players control airlines.

Have the most money at the end of the game.
Add to your bank account the base cost of all of your 
planes and landing rights minus any loans.

There are 110 cards in the deck.
There are 3 types of cards: Planes, Landing Rights, and Events.
Landing Rights cards are also called Terminals.

Calculators and pen & paper are needed.
Alternatively, use play money to represent profits.
A 10 sided die is also needed (1D10).

Each player starts with: 
$50 (50 Million dollars).
One Boeing 737 or one McDonnell Douglas DC-9.
Landing rights to two Minor Airports.
Remove the Plane and Landing Rights cards from the deck.

Maintenance Phase
Draw Phase
Flying Phase
Revenue Phase
Bid Phase
End Phase

Each players rolls 1D10 for each of his planes.
Very old planes are grounded on a roll of 1-3.
Old planes are grounded on a roll of 1-2.
New planes are grounded on a roll of 1.

All players draw one card.
The cards are placed face up on the center of the table.
This is known as the Bidding Pool.
If there are no cards left in the deck, the game is over.

Remove all of your planes from their current terminals. 
Move (Fly) all non-grounded planes to a different terminal in a different city.
Planes with a "US" range cannot fly to Europe.
Flights connecting to Europe must originate or end in New York, 
Atlanta, Miami, Boston, or Washington DC.
Place plane cards face up onto your terminal cards.
Your planes can only fly to terminals you control.
Certain Events may prevent flights into or out of specific cities.
The Concorde can only be used to fly between New York and Europe.

When a plane lands, you get an amount of money that depends on the number of
landing rights, at that city, you control.
Each Minor airport terminal gives a revenue of $10, no matter how many you control.
At major Hubs, each landing will generate progressively more revenue, according 
to the table built into the Landing Rights card list.
For example: The first plane you land at Miami International gives $20. The second plane 
you land earns $40. If you control all 4 landing rights, the fourth plane you 
land produces $90.
Certain types of planes will increase or decrease the revenue generated by their flight.
Money can be saved from turn to turn in your "Bank account".
Pay interest on loans. If you cannot pay, you go bankrupt and lose the game.

Event Cards are discarded.
Players may bid on some, none, or all of the plane cards and landing 
rights cards in the Bidding Pool.
Bids are written down in secret and are revealed simultaneously.
You cannot bid more money than you have in your account.
Planes and Landing rights have Base costs as given in the card lists.
A Bid cannot be for less than the Base Cost.
The player that bid the most for a card gets control of it. 
That player keeps the card and subtracts the bid amount from his Bank account.
If you lose a Bid you do not lose the money you bid.
If a bid is a tie, all players lose the bid, and the card remains in the pool for next turn.
Discard any cards no one bid on.

Place the cards you won in bidding face up in front of you. They can start being used 
to generate income next turn.
You may have more planes than landing rights and vise-a-versa. 

You may at any time sell your planes and landing rights to neutral third parties.
Discard the card and gain money equal to the cards base cost.
You can take a maximum bank loan of up to $100 at an interest payment 
of 20% per turn.
Players can also sell cards to each other, or make loans to each other.

City:		#	Base	1	2	3	4	
Minor Airports	8	20	10	10	10	10		
Atlanta	  	4	30	10	20	40	50	
Washington DC	4	40	10	30	50	70
Boston		4	40	10	30	50	70	
Miami		4	50	20	40	60	90		
Dallas		4	50	20	40	60	90	
Los Angeles  	4	60	20	50	80	100	
Chicago		4	60	20	50	80	100	
New York  	4	80	30	60	90	120	
Europe	  	4	100	40	80	120	150
# = Number of that card in the deck.
Base = Base cost (Minimum Bid)

Type:				#	Base	Rev	Range	Age		Size
Boeing 737			4	25	-10%	US	Very Old	Small
McDonnell Douglas DC-9		4	25	-10%	US	Very Old	Small
McDonnell Douglas MD-80	        6	75	---	US	New             Medium
British Aerospace 146		2	75	---	US	New             Medium
Lockheed L-1011 TriStar		2	100	+10%	Any	Old		Large
McDonnell Douglas DC-10	        4	100	+10%	Any	Old		Large		
Boeing 757			4	125	+10%	Any	New             Large
Boeing 767			6	125	+20%	US	New		Large		
Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet		8	150	+30%	Any	Old		Huge
Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde	2	150	+20%	Any	New		Small
Rev = Increase/decrease in revenue generated by flight.

Event:				#	Effect
Pilot Strike			1	You get no income this turn
New York snowed in		1	No flights to/from NY this turn
Chicago Bag Handlers Strike	1	No flights to/from Chicago this turn
Riots in Los Angeles		1	No flights to/from Los Angeles this turn
Plane Crash			1	Lose one of your planes and $100 in litigation & settlements
Air Traffic Controllers Strike	1	No flights to/from Atlanta this turn
Hurricane			1	No flights to/from Miami this turn		
Oil Shortage			1	Everyone makes 50% revenue this turn
Holiday Season			1	Everyone makes 150% revenue this turn			
Maintenance			5	Everyone pays $10 for each of their planes this turn
Terminal Tax			2	Everyone pays $10 for each of their landing rights this turn
Independence Day		1	Flights to Boston +50% revenue this turn
Snowbirds			1	Flights to Miami +50% revenue this turn
Terrorism			1	No flights to/from Europe this turn
Strong Dollar			1	Flights to Europe +50% revenue this turn
Effective Advertising Campaign	4	You get +50% income this turn

During Maintenance phase each player may pick one or more cities that they have landing rights at. 
These cities generate no income this turn.

Insert this optional phase in between the Flying and Revenue Phases.
Players secretly write down how much money they are spending on 
advertising for each of the cities they have landing rights at.
If you spent more than an opponent you get to take 10% of his revenue from that city.
If you spent twice as much as an opponent you get to take 1D10 X 10% of his revenue from that city.
Unlike lost bids, all money spent on advertising is gone.
4 players (A,B,C,D) have rights at the same city.
Player A spends $0 on advertising and promotions.
B spends $3. C spends $5. D spends $10.
B rolls 1D10 X 10 and gets 50. B gets 50% of A's revenue.
C gets 10% of B's income and 1D10 X 10% of A's remaining income.
D gets 1D10 X 10% of the remaining profits of A, B, and C.

For a quicker game remove 10-40 nonevent cards from the deck.
Or, remove all the Boeing 757s, McDonnell Douglas MD-80s, Atlanta rights and
Washington DC rights.

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