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Players form alliances of many alien races in order to outwit their opponents.

Control 20 of the worlds on the map.

Some 10 sided dice are needed.
Players may want paper and pencil to keep notes.

The map is a 10x10 grid.
Spaces must be large enough to allow several stacks of chits to be placed 

The deck contains both Force cards and Event cards mixed together. 
See the card list.

26 Blue Planet (World) chits (tokens, markers) marked from A to Z.
20 White population chits for each world: A1, A2,A20; Z1, Z2,Z20
1 Pink Identification Chit for each alien race: See the Alien Race list.
Alien race chits have the name of the race written on them.
1 Set of 50+ control marker chits for each player. Each player has a unique 

Distribute the planet chits randomly onto the map.
Roll 2D10 to determine the X and Y coordinates of each planet.
Two planets cannot occupy the same space.
At the end, every planet must be within 3 hexes of another planet. 
If not, reroll its coordinates. 

Each player takes a set of control markers.
All players roll 1D10. Reroll ties. 
The highest roll places a control marker next to any one world chit.
The next highest roll picks a different homeworld, and so on.
Each player draws 4 Alien race chits, and selects one to be their starting race.
The other 3 are discarded. 
The Alien Race identification chit is placed next to the world chit.
Place one population token under your control marker chit. 
The population marker must have the same letter identification as the 
planet marker. 
Players start with 5 cards.

Every world is the home of one alien race. This is the native race.
The race is determined when the planet is first explored by drawing a race 
identity chit.
Population chits produced by that world are always that of the native race.

Players take turns.
Turn order is the reverse order of that determined in player setup.
The time it takes for all players to take a turn is called a round.
The player whose turn it currently is, is known as the active player.
Turns are divided into phases.

Opportunity Phase
Fate Phase
Genesis Phase
Migration Phase
Conflict Phase

Certain cards and race abilities will allow actions during this phase.

The active player may draw 3 cards.
Discard down to 7 cards.

Each planet controlled by the active player gains 1 population token of 
the native race.

Active player only.
All of your population markers may move once per turn.
A population marker you control may be moved to a world that is within 3 spaces.
All of your population tokens on a world must be stacked under one of your 
control markers.
If you place your tokens onto an unexplored world place a control marker on 
that world and draw a Alien race identification chit for it. 
If you move your tokens onto a world controlled by another player, you have 
colonized that planet, but you don't control it. 
The player that controls the planet should put a second control marker on his 
stack to indicate this. 
You still control a world if you move all your tokens off it, and no other 
player has populations there.
If they do, and you leave, the player with the most populations there gains 
If you are the only player with population tokens on a world, you gain control 
of it.

All conflicts in this phase must involve the active player.
The active player decides the order in which conflicts are resolved.
Only one conflict per world per turn.
If two players occupy a world and at least one of them wants to attack the 
other, there will be a conflict.
The attacker and defender are known as the primary players.
If both want to be the attacker the active player gets to the attacker.
Other players with tokens on that world may add tokens to the attacker or 
defenders stack, if the primary player allows it.  These are ally tokens.
The defender draws one card.
Players simultaneously reveal one force card, if they have one.
Each population token is worth 1 point of force.
Each side adds up its force total = population tokens in stack + force card 
value + other race & card effects.
The side with the highest force total wins. The other stack is destroyed. 
If the attacker wins, he gains control of the planet. 
Allied tokens of the winner get to remain on the planet. 
There are many Event cards and racial abilities that can affect the outcome 
of these conflicts.
Normally, only population tokens in the conflicting stacks can use their 
racial abilities.
If your opponent loses all his tokens before the Force calculation is made, 
you get control of the planet.
Winning Allies get to draw a card.

A = All tokens of that race may use this ability during the turn.
1/C = Once per Conflict. One or more tokens of that race must be present at 
that conflict.
1/T = Once per turn. At least one member of this race must be on the board 
to use this ability.
1/W = Once per turn per World. One or more Tokens of that race must be on 
the target world.
1/B = Same as Both  1/C and 1/T.
W = Property of that races' world. 
R = You get this ability as long as you control one token of that race.
Sacrifice = Discard that token.
Retreat = Move tokens to a friendly world within 3 spaces.

Race Name		Use	Special Ability
Tachyons		A	They can move twice in Migration Phase
The Hive		W	Their world produces 3 population tokens in 
                                Genesis Phase
Symbionts		A	They are worth 2 Force each
Travelers		A	Move range = 5 in Migration Phase
Assassins		1/T	Kill one population token anywhere in 
                                Opportunity Phase 
Fanatics		A	Sacrifice to kill one token within 3 spaces in 
                                Opportunity Phase 
Berserkers		A	Sacrifice to generate 5 Force during Conflict
Space Vampires		A	Sacrifice a friendly token for +3 Force during 
Aggressors		A	+2 Force when attacking
Passive Aggressives	A	+2 Force when defending
Jinxers			A	One opposing token is Force -2
Reductionists		1/C	All opposing tokens have a Force =0
Limitators		1/C	Opponent must discard 1 card at start of 
Tacticians		1/C	Draw one card at start of conflict
Reanimators		1/C	Keep opposing tokens if you win the conflict
Neutralizers		1/C	One opposing race cannot use its power during 
                                the conflict
Eliminationists		A	Sacrifice to destroy target opposing token 
                                during conflict
Spies			1/C	Look at opponents hand at start of conflict 
                                after defender draws his card
Burnouts		A	Sacrifice to draw a card
Stimulators		1/W	World they occupy produces +1 population token 
                                in Genesis Phase
Flesh Eaters		1/C	Produce 1 token if they win the conflict
Emulators		A	Copy power of Friendly token on same world
Copycats		A	Copy power of Enemy token on same world
Doublers		1/C	Double value of the Force card you use
Space Pilgrims		A	These tokens can end their migration in deep 
                                space (empty spaces)
Feedbacks		1/B	Sacrifice to duplicate the effect of a card 
                                used by opponent
BoobyTrappers		A	Kill one opposing token after conflict if you 
Scavengers		1/C	Draw one card if you win the conflict
Strategists		1/T	Target stack you control gets a second Move 
                                and Attack Phase
Ressurrectionists	A	Sacrifice token to take top card of discard 
                                pile in Opportunity Phase 
Rearguard		A	Sacrifice to allow stack to retreat
Mind Controllers	1/C	Take control of opposing token at start of 
Opportunists		1/C	Steal random card from opponent at start of 
Reinforcers		A	At start of conflict add one friendly token 
                                from up to 3 spaces away to your stack
Escapists		1/C	Retreat one friendly token from conflict if 
                                you lose.
Gatherers		1/T	Move all members of this race to a planet you 
                                control in Opportunity Phase
Breeders		W	Discard a card to add two population tokens of 
                                this race
Memorizers		R	Your hand size +2
Thinkers		R	Draw +1 card in Fate phase
Soothsayers		R	Look at top 7 cards in deck after you draw in 
                                Fate phase
Worldship		W	Controller of this world can move it one space 
                                per turn
Martyrs			A	Sacrifice to give all your other tokens +1 
                                force during conflict
Precogs			1/C	You may pick your battle card after opponent 
                                reveals his
Repulsors		A	Send back one token that moved here this turn
Gifted			---	This race has two abilities: Draw 2 race chits
Collectors		R	Draw +2 cards in Fate Phase and discard 2
Unpredictables		1/C	When attacking, draw a card
Anarchists		1/C	You may exchange hands with opponent at start 
                                of conflict
Minimalists		1/C	The side with the lowest Force card wins the 
                                conflict. Only if both sides play force cards
Pacifists		1/C	At start of conflict Sacrifice all members of 
                                this race present to prevent conflict
Wealthy			R	Upon discovering them, put 10 cards in a 
                                reserve hand. You can use these cards, but you 
                                cannot replace them.
Second Chances		1/C	If you lose the conflict, your tokens remain 
                                and a second conflict is fought
Projectors		A	Sacrifice to add 2 Force to your stack from up 
                                to 3 spaces away
Planet Jumpers		W	In Opportunity phase you may switch the 
                                location of this planet and another planet 
                                within 3 spaces
Purists			W	No other race may move onto this world. 
                                The initial discoverers retreat
Hoppers			A	May move up to three times per turn at a range 
                                of 2 spaces each move
Confusers		A	One opposing token may not use its power 
                                during this conflict
Teasers			1/C	Enemy stack on same world must attack
Framers			1/C	Attacker must attack a different stack on same 
                                world if there is one
Clean Slates		1/C	Both primary players must discard their hands 
                                at start of conflict
Last Descendants	W	Race starts with 20 tokens, but they cannot 
Repatriationists	1/C	If you lose the conflict steal one card from 
Historians		1/C	Draw one card at the end of the conflict
Minstrels		1/C	Draw 3 cards if you win the conflict
Diplomats		1/T	Opponent must discard 2 cards to attack
Genocidals		1/W	Kill one enemy token in Opportunity Phase on 
                                same world if you control it
Randomizers		1/C	Opponent must use a random force card from 
                                hand in conflict
Fortifiers		W	All tokens of controller are +2 Force on this 
Reversists		1/C	Switch roles of defender and attacker
Blobs			A	Reproduce on all worlds where there are at 
                                least 5 of them present
Deporters		1/W	Cause one enemy token to retreat in Opportunity 
                                Phase on same world if you control it.
Force Fields		A	Force = 3 when defending. They cannot attack
Stonekin		A	Force = 3. They cannot move
Disinformers		1/C	On opponents turn, force them to attack an 
                                opponents stack also on the same world
Living World		W	Produces no tokens. Controller gets +20 to his 
                                Force total
Slavers			1/C	Take control of one token at end of battle if 
                                you win
Traders			1/T	Switch 1 card with opponent in Opportunity Phase
Plebs			R	Race starts with 10 tokens
Scourge			R	Opponents Hand size -1
Invisible Beings	A	Tokens not placed on map. Write locations on 
                                separate page
Foundation		R	Give another player a card at any time
Mercenaries		A	These tokens may ally from up to 3 spaces away
Distress Call		1/C	Accept allies from 3 spaces away
Contagion		A	Can move with an opponents moving token
Toll Keepers		1/W	Opponents tokens on same world cannot move
Contraceptives		1/W	Opponents on same world may not reproduce
Body Snatchers		A	Switch with one of opponents tokens at start 
                                of conflict
Searchers		1/W	If on same world as opponent draw +1 card in 
                                Fate Phase
Threat Displayers	A	Force +3 if Attacking. Opponents stacks may 
Plea Makers		A	Force nonprimary token on same world to ally
Politicians		R	You automatically take control of any world 
                                they inhabit
Propagandists		1/W	Take control of one of opponents tokens on 
                                same world
Commandos		A	Move to reinforce friendly stack up to 3 spaces 
                                away at start of conflict
Transporters		A	Move a friendly token on same world up to 3 
                                spaces away to reinforce a friendly stack at 
                                start of conflict
Microns			A	They have a force = 0. If defending they may 
Tyrants			R	If you control the world they are on, all 
                                enemy tokens on that world lose their powers
Temporaneans		R	At the beginning of the round you may change 
                                the turn order
Muses			1/C	All of your non-Muse tokens in stack are +1 
Immortal		A	This race has only one token that cannot be 

Force 	#	Notes
1	10	discard to prevent the conflict
3	9	Discard to let your stack retreat at start of conflict
5	8
7	7
9	7
11	6
13	5
15	4
# = Number in Deck

Notes: There is one of each event card in the deck.
Write the card name and effect on the card.
Card Name- Effect
Mutation- Draw a new alien race chit for target race. 
Race loses old power and gains new one. Play in Opportunity phase 
Use the Force- Play two Force cards during current conflict.
Population Explosion- Play in Genesis Phase. Target world produces +5 
population markers.
Power up- Value of target Force card is doubled.
Universal Peace- No conflicts this turn. Play in opportunity Phase
Temporal Nexus- You may take another turn this round
Supernova- Destroy all tokens on target World
Revolution- Take control of target world you have tokens on.
Worm Hole- Move target stack you control to any planet 

Working on more aliens and event cards.


Cosmic Encounter

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